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Artists Beware: JaktheDrox

 WHO: JaktheDrox, Jakkal, Jakkalopehttp://www.furaffinity.net/user/jakthedrox/ [WARNING, NSFW]

WHERE: Telegram, Furaffinity

WHAT: Fully colored digital commission, NSFW theme.

WHEN: August 16th, 2017. Payment Sent August 23rd.On October 1st was when I felt that something wasn't quite right.I have commissioned this artist before, and when my roommate (who is close friends with the artist) had told me he was opening for commissions that fell within my interests, I jumped at the opportunity. I shot him a message on Telegram to reserve a slot (Screenshots of first contact logs), and then on August 23rd, I sent payment for this commission (Screenshots of communication with artist, Screenshot of proof of purchase). My roommate had told me he worked slow, so I waited until October before sending him a message regarding the status of my commission, since I knew there was also a queue ahead of me. (Screenshot of October logs).

Since that point, I would send a message once a month to ask about my commission status, and in January, I requested a refund, since I hadn't heard or seen any proof that he was working on my commission. When he responded, he gave me a long, drawn-out series of reasons why he couldn't work on my commission. (Screenshots of November, December [x] [x], and January logs). On top of that, when I requested a refund, he had admitted to already spending the money I had paid him, and said outright that he would not be able to refund the cost. He then said he was working on the piece, but did not provide proof that he was doing so. After that conversation, I continued to ask about my commission status monthly, but with no response whatsoever. I gave up after March after seeing he had not been online in almost three months. During this time, I attempted to resolve the issue through PayPal, but I had missed my window and they closed the claim right after I opened it. (Screenshot). Today I checked to see if he had been online recently and if he had gotten my messages. Lo and behold, he had been online within the last week or so, and had seen my requests for the status of my commission (Screenshots of February through June logs).He has not once tried to talk to me about my commission or offer a refund. I can only hope that I get either at this point, but it seems highly unlikely. On another note, apparently he's been taking more commissions through his Telegram group, despite not finishing the other batches he's taken since my commission.

No communication from artist since January 27th, 2018.


I contacted Jak on June 28th, telling him that I would be issuing a charge back with my bank due to the lack of communication on his end. I did not receive a message until the next day a few hours after I had sent him another message letting him know that today (June 29th) I would be going to my bank to deal with the charge back process. When he responded, he told me that his computer was broken, and that it was getting repaired, so he couldn't get the file with the sketch on it to show me proof that he had worked on my commission whatsoever. (Screenshot)

He did not respond to my questions for an entire five hours, despite me telling him that I was on the way to the bank right that second. My charge back was successful, and I will be receiving my money back within the next few business days. As a way to pay him for what work he did do (and if/or when I see proof) I did offer to pay him for whatever he had already done so he could still get paid and I could be done with this mess.

(Another Update)

My primary reasons for issuing a charge back is because he couldn't deliver a refund when requested, could not provide proof to the status of my commission, and straight up ignored me every time I would message him for an update. He has now decided that it's time to talk to his attorney about the charge back. He is now accusing me of committing fraud, despite not getting any product, any refund, or any communication, and is trying to wriggle himself out of the situation by pinning the blame on me by saying "I don't owe you status updates or an ETA".

Here is a screenshot of how south this conversation is going.


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