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ArtistsBeware: undeadromance

undeadromance, cosmic paw creations


Digital Art

Ych was bought August 29, 2017. A request for info was sent February 6, 2018. No reply was gotten.

End of August 2017 I got myself the YCH. Everything went well at first, the artist seemed to like my character and couldn't wait to get to drawing him.
In the middle of December I asked on the original YCH submission (see proof) for an update, 2 months later I sent a request in a note. I never got a reply.
Three days after it a journal was made with many excuses, but the note remained without reply to this day.

Original YCH submission (Screengrab) (Older screengrab that lacks the newest comment but includes the price) (NSFW)

Note: "Cosmic Paw Creations" is not stated directly on the userpage, but each journal has a footer with it.
Latest note that was never answered and never read:

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