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[SOLVED] Lost Contact with Artist: oCe

EDIT: I received an email today from oCe. Without going into details, their IRL took a turn for the bad thus no art was produced since their last journal. They told me that things were getting better soon and the plan was to have the YCH done by the end of summer, so, fingers crossed IRL stops being mean and arts gets done again.


Hello A_B,

oCe has dropped off the face of the Earth since about eight months ago, after one last journal on FA: https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/8456845/ Their Twitter is dead since that time too, DA and Weasyl have no been updated in ages and they do not reply to emails, which is not a good sign when you have a standing commission with the artist (the Beach Bonfire group thing mentioned in the journal).

So, if anyone has news of oCe, ways to reach them or pass a message or anything, please say so here or send them the message that commissioners, especially those of the Beach Bonfire, would like to hear some news.


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