alkraas wrote in artists_beware

Advice Needed - Shipped Items

So, I commissioned an artist to draw a badge for me and ship it to me. Everything went fine. I paid them upfront and got WiPs and everything. They also took a photo of the final product and sent it to me.

Now, here's where I need advice to. They shipped the badge without notifying me. So around a month or so after they sent me the photo I asked if they shipped it out yet.
They said yes. Yet I got no reciept nor tracking number.

Time flew by and it's been now 1 month and 3-4 weeks that I've been waiting for a shipment from the UK to Germany.

And quite frankly, I have no idea what to do... Maybe it got lost, maybe it was never mailed out.
I thought giving a tracking number would be common sense since you're shipping a product. I couldn't ask them in time either, since they shipped the badge behind my back.

Yeah, I have no idea what to do now :/


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