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Artists Beware: Hanabichu


DeviantArt: https://hanabichu.deviantart.com/

Tumblr: http://hanabichu.tumblr.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hanabichu/

FurAffinity: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/lumibug/

Toyhouse: https://toyhou.se/Mellychu

WHAT: Digital art piece — x2 pixel chibis.

WHEN: December 2017 — present (May 2018)

EXPLAIN: I ordered two pixel chibis totaling 44 USD. They have not been delivered. The artist did not show me even a WIP until FIVE MONTHS after I ordered and since then has been silent. 

Unwilling to let them drag me past the 6-month PayPal deadline, I initiated a chargeback. If the artist is willing to complete the pieces later and sends me the final product, I will close the case, or, if they wait much longer to finish it, they can have the money back. I will even cover the extra $20 USD fee that PayPal fines the seller. 

I am Tythius on DeviantArt. (I have a Gyazo Pro account so all screenshots saved there are permanent.)


1 December 2017: Purchased 2 pixel chibis for $22 USD each. (Proof 1.) Artist acknowledges on the same day. Payment is sent from my end through "goods and services." Artist confirms procedure of commission. (Proof 2. Proof 3.) The PayPal invoice might look unusual for some because this is the format that displays if you access the transaction records from the Resolution center.

No further communication from artist until May 2018.

10 May 2018: Artist finally updates, but only with sketches. Artist requests correspondence in case I need any changes. (Proof 4.) I respond the same day with changes. That note remains unread at the time of this writing, 30 May 2018. (Proof 5. Proof 6.)

11 May 2018: Realizing that the 6-month protection deadline was ending at the end of May, I message the artist with the warning that I cannot wait past then for my own sake. This note, too, goes unread. (Proof 7.)

28 May 2018: Unwilling to risk any issues with a last-minute dispute opening and willing to close the case in the event the artist responds with a finished product, I open a claim with PayPal. (Proof 8.)

30 May 2018: Referring to Proof 8, there is no response from the artist yet to the PayPal claim.


Despite turning in a WIP, receiving only sketches after five months is, first of all, absurd. Second, the artist requests a response in regards to potential changes at the sketching stage and yet does not bother reading the response for 3 weeks afterwards. Had there been any significant changes I required, the artist would not have been able to get back to me in a timely manner with the completed pieces regardless.

Finally, 6+ months for two chibis is an abysmally slow rate of progress.


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