Grymm (thebadgergrymm) wrote in artists_beware,

Can't say I've ever had bad dealings if any other artists before, however there is one exception to that. And having seen the last couple posts strike along similiar lines I thought I'd go ahead and toss in my story as well.
Back in April 2005 Ashryn was offering OC commissions. So I thought, what the heck and went for it. Sent the $80 her way for a one character piece and she told me it'd be done in a couple weeks. Worked for me.
A few months pass by and no word on it. Before I go to email her and inquire about the status I notice that she made journal entry on Devart that if anyone had yet to hear from her concerning their commissions, send her a note. So I did.
After a couple weeks she follows up and double checks what I wanted in the first place. Then nothing.
Since then I've sent several emails her way only to receive no explanation of any kind. Having seen her post on her Cathode-ray community and this passage in particular:
"The more complaints I get -- especially if they're within a month of the initial commission, unless I've specified a deadline -- the more inclined I am to simply halt commissions permanently, even if they can bring in good money in a pinch. It's your right to complain, but as of now, it's my right to tell you that I don't have to work for you any longer, and simply rid myself of the obligation."
I've more or less given up ever expecting to see the commission or an email come my way.
There are artists that are better, quicker, and more dependable to support in my opinion.
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