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Artist Beware: Jinxsis

WHO: Jinx_In_Boots, jinxsis, Jinxsis Sinatra, K9Jinxsis

WHERE: https://tictail.com/naughtydogworks/bad-dog-pin-pre-order

WHAT: Bad Dog enamel pin "+extras"

WHEN: Preorders ended around 09/30/2017, payment was sent the same day

EXPLAIN: I preordered a pin from Jinx_In_Boots in September, in the time, they've had factory problems,  then said they needed the backing cards. Before preorders were sent they tweeted about selling them at FWA, with what looked like backing cards. I sent them a DM, they said they still need backing cards. Awhile passes, I notice them in other furry's photos on instagram, I ask and the user said they got the pin as a free gift with a badge. I ask Jinx again, who said they will send them the 2nd, and give a tracking number, the time passed and I have no tracking number. In a DM chat with Jinx they said the pin would arrive on the 6th, the 6th came and went with no pin or tracking number.

I have been keeping in contact with other's who have preordered and Jinx.

On May 7th, I sent another message, they said they are preparing them, even though their last message said they were sent previously. 




Email saying there was a manufacture probem https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/289609229948682240/399012964570497034/Screenshot_20180105-193419.png

Pins being sold at FWA, preorders still haven't been sent


Saying the pins will be shipped on May 1st


Instagram user saying they got 2, 1 was a free gift with a badge, preorders still not sent



Jinx's response to being asked about not getting a track number when it was expected


Price changes on Jan 21st from USPS


Jinx's promise of "lots of goodies"


My personal DMs with Jinx




On 8/3/2018 I have gotten a refund from Jinx.


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