Oh, Discordia! (tizzrah) wrote in artists_beware,
Oh, Discordia!

"The time has come."

Yep, now it's my turn to share my own horror story about the artist known in the furry community as Ashryn. I've put off doing this for a very long time due to the fact that, at one time, I would liked to have considered this person my friend. But times have changed, and I am now feeling sorely ripped off and neglected. I'm pretty sure most, if not all of her commissioners are feeling this way as well.

Way, WAY back in the day, about five years ago, I paid Ashryn $150 for a black and white ink and pencil piece. At the time, I was doing her a favor, as she had advertised in her LJ that she was short on funds and needed the cash. I was also short on funds, but I don't like to see friends in bad places, so I scrounged up the money and sent it on over. I knew it would be awhile in seeing any progress on my piece, but I said nothing and watched as the months passed on by.

I'd like to also mention that Ashryn and I both shared a deep love for all things Silent Hill. When the third game came out, she found herself short on funds again, and she offered a full-colour piece in exchange for it. I obliged and sent the game out the same day I got my copy. The piece was finished, and is one of her more popular images in her gallery: SH3- Life After Death. Yes, folks, this piece was done for me and requested by me. Well, guess what? Once the piece was done, Ashryn told me that she "felt she had spent too much time on it" and "it was worth more than the measly game" I had given her for it. I was told that if I wanted the piece, that I had to give her more money and that if this was "not agreeable," she would be happy to send me a print. I don't know about you folks, but in my book, a promise is a promise, and a deal is a deal. To this day, I have yet to see this piece in my possession. I refused to pay her more money for something we had mutually agreed upon.

Well, another year or so went by, and I saw her offering OC commissions. I knew she already owed me a piece, but I went ahead and paid her more money for two more commissions. One of them was promptly finished over the weekend. The other is still floating in limbo, probably in the same place that my first commission went.

I'm now being told (as well as the other people commissioning her) that she is no longer working with traditional media, and all traditional commissions she has taken will be converted to OpenCanvas or Illustrator. She says this is a non-negotiable policy. This upsets me a little, since her digital works are far less superior than her traditional works (this is a matter of my opinion), and I'm not getting what I originally paid for. I approached her and asked if they absolutely had to be digital, if I could change the subject matter of the commission, since, you know, it's been five years. I was told that, no, I could not change the subject matter, since what I wanted to change it to (humans instead of "furries") were "more complicated" and that she "just doesn't have the time to spend doing it." Hmmmm. I think I've certainly spent the time waiting, though, wouldn't you agree?

To sum this all up, Ashryn owes me roughly $250 worth of artwork (one Illustrator piece, one black and white traditional media piece, and three icons that I never mentioned but are still part of her tab). She also owes me the original of Life After Death. To be perfectly honest, I don't think I'm ever going to see any of what she owes me, and that includes the already-finished piece. I am not insulting her on a personal level - after all, we used to be friends - but I really think that people need to be made aware that she has been taking money from commissioners for years and only putting out a fraction of the art that she owes people. Yes, I understand perfectly that it takes awhile to finish up a refined piece of artwork, but my question to that is this: If you know you can't finish the art in a timely, professional manner, then why are you still eager to take peoples' money? :/

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