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Buyer Beware - Sydney_castiel

WHO: Sydney_castiel

WHERE: Furry Amino: Sydney_castiel
Instagram: Sydney_castiel
Youtube: Sydney Estey
Deviantart: Sydney-castiel
Linktree: Sydney_castiel
Redbubble: SydneyCastiel

WHAT: A small bust badge, traditional

WHEN: 30th December, 2017 until now.

EXPLAIN: On the 30th December of 2017 I ordered a traditional badge from Sydney_castiel on Furry Amino. I described what I wanted and paid the amount to their Paypal on the same day.
On the 29th of January, 2018 I asked for progress since it has been a month and I got a picture of the badge, I was satisfied with the outcome. I gave them my adress and they said they would mail it out as soon as possible.
On the 19th of February I asked if they mailed it out yet, since I haven't heard back from them. Got a response on the same day that they didn't mail it out yet, since they were broke.
March rolled along and I asked yet again if they mailed it out yet. I was super dissatisfied since I've been waiting for almost 2 months for a badge that had to be shipped to me.
On March 14th I got a response that the badge was indeed mailed out and they apologized for the lack of communication and service.
On April 30th, I asked if they got any proof that they did ship it out, since I've been waiting for a long time now. No response until now. And I'm clearly sick and tired of this crap. I'm almost waiting for 4 months for a badge that just needs to be shipped.

PROOF: All screenshots can be found here:
Tags: artist-sydney_castiel, beware

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