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Update Stellary: Back as Spiffy on FA (24/04/2018)

Hi everyone,

Just a quick update that Stellary is back on FA under the account Spiffy (https://www.furaffinity.net/user/spiffy), and seems to plan to get back into taking commissions, judging by their recent journal:

This person still owe me 165$, and we're pushing 7 years or 8 years on this debt. I'm not the only one they still owe money too, there's several posts here in this community about them and their various accounts, as well as their quite bad manners.

So, I urge caution to everyone who gets into business with them. They're a great artist, I love their style, but, unfortunately, the talent is wasted by their cavalier attitude towards business and anyone who is not them.

They just posted something with a comment that may be the most truthful thing they said in years, at least online:

Now everybody's warned. At least if you peruse their scraps. ;)
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