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Traditional badge with hair in lamination? - Advice Needed

Recently I commissioned an artist who does traditional images, laminates them, then mails them to you. Note this is an artist that I have always known as very popular and well to work with.

I got my badge in the mail and upon inspection I noticed two pieces of hair inside the lamination.
Of course, I was devastated, but I messaged the seller to try and get a resolution and let them know (with pictures) of the hair. They acknowledge the hair being in the lamination and apologized.

They offer a $4 dollar refund or $5 off to commission them again. The original price I paid was $22 USD. Is this a good deal to take? I feel since this was an issue on the artist end I should at least be compensated with offering a re-draw (not free, I even offered to send back the badge and offered at least to cover a bit of the new draw of the image). They refused. Saying they offered all they can do.

What can I do? The hair is noticeable to the point I don't know if I can enjoy the badge without a fix. They said I can just re-print the image out and laminate it myself. But the quality of the image will be weaker due to it not being a traditional copy.
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