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Artists_Beware Template

What may I post to the community?
How do I post to the community?
I just submitted to the community, but my post didn't show up!
How do I do a LJ-cut?
Click here to see existing posts.

Note: ALL legal names, email addresses, or third parties are to be fully censored from your post and screenshots. The only exemption for legal names is if they conduct business solely under their legal name.


WHERE: List business related websites only.

WHAT: Was it traditional art, digital art, sculpture, fursuit, jewelry, etc.?

WHEN: Start date of transaction to current.

EXPLAIN: Tell only your side here. Do not include other clients having issues. Be clear, concise, and no overly hostile text or name calling. Please include screencaps of proof as you go, or number claims where relevant. Start from the beginning until now.

PROOF: No copy pasted text will be accepted. Screencaps only. Ensure all real life names, email addresses, and unrelated third parties are completely censored. Please leave out unrelated chit-chat.
Do not insert images directly into your post (embedding images). Link to them only.
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