Artist Beware: Tom_Ree

WHO: Tom_Ree.


WHAT: Digital Art

WHEN: 25th January 2018 was listing of YCH in question, 7th February 2018 was PayPal payment.

EXPLAIN: Purchase went fine. Sent note on FurAffinity requesting update on the 26th February, received no reply even though note was read. Sent follow-up note after filing PayPal dispute informing them, and that note has been unread.

Artist has still continued taking on YCH and commissions and uploading artwork to account. Other customers have been showing concerns of the lack of communication.

PayPal payment:
First note of inquiry sent:
Second note of informing artist of dispute (and it not being read):
PayPal dispute comments:

RESOLVED: PayPal have gone ahead and taken the amount for the YCH and returned it to me. There was still no contact in any shape or form from the artist. I still strongly advise users to avoid dealing with them.

Update 04-18: Artist has finally noted me back on FA with the completed artwork.


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