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beware: exitoricanqueen/exitoricanbean

WHO: exitoricanqueen/exitoricanbean

WHERE: https://exitoricanqueen.deviantart.com/, https://exitoricanbean.deviantart.com/

WHAT: animated icon

WHEN: initial conversation and payment: october 11th, 2017. asked for an update march 12th 2018. pinged their alt account exitoricanbean march 20th. offered to take a refund march 29th. noted about previous messages + request to refund april 3rd. noted again about previous note april 11th.

EXPLAIN: i commissioned them october 11th for an animated pixel icon. they responded to my request approving my commission and letting me know they set up the widget for me to pay (initial conversation - https://sta.sh/012cq1844cnp) (proof of payment - https://sta.sh/01voj3nv3v84)
because i had seen the vast amount of people asking before me, and as an animator myself i knew an icon of the sort would take time, i wasnt very concerned about the wait for a while. around january/february i wondered about it but didn’t think much. however, what i noted was that if they were working on all of the commissions owed before me, surely around this time mine should be done. and i watch both their main and side accounts on da, and i could see this wasnt the case.
a lot of their recent art is either gift art or art for themself. i figured if they had such a big backlog, they shouldnt be doing much else besides their commissions. i questioned them about it here (https://sta.sh/02huower20g) and i received no response. after i commented they changed their taglines to say they were "slow and dead", and they stopped posting for a few days. however, i glanced at their favorites and noticed that while they werent posting, they were still online, because one of their recent favorites was posted after the supposed hiatus.
i asked another commissioner about them and learned that they seem to have become overwhelmed by the workload they have. its hard for me to feel bad for them, as they shouldnt have taken 34 commissions in one day (this isnt an exaggeration, i started a chart to see just how much work they had and how much money they owe and here it is https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DIvkpo3SrVCKU_2vps8yA3v39Yu62vjwB2BUzjhHcyE/edit?usp=sharing), and while it would be uncomfortable to have to admit to having little to no progress on my commission, id greatly prefer it to being blatantly ignored like this. i know im not the only one dealing with this issue with them. im asking for a refund tonight but i dont expect a response, and judging from the other commissioners experience, i doubt ill get my money back even if i do get a response.
ive never done something like this before, i hope i didnt do anything wrong here i just want it to be known that exitoricanqueen seems to have a lack of communication and lack of priority for owed art.

update: this was orginally written march 29th. it is now april 11th, and i have asked about a refund 3 times now, on the 29th (https://sta.sh/0286sl77e5xj), 3rd (https://sta.sh/01deygrow1lu), and today, the 11th (https://sta.sh/063uojq9adm). i have received no response despite exitoricanbean being clearly active, posting art and talking on their page. in my sent folder the note is shown to be unread, which means that it was either set to be that way or they just never bothered to read it in the first place.

all screencaps here: https://sta.sh/2c1yt75xddh

update: finished the backlog chart. this is (almost, at least everything i could find on their commissions journal) every commission they have taken from october 1st 2017 onwards, and the costs, and which are finished or not https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DIvkpo3SrVCKU_2vps8yA3v39Yu62vjwB2BUzjhHcyE/edit?usp=sharing

update 2: on april 20th i noted them again here (https://sta.sh/01bf6t8a9xyz). after a week of silence exitorican began posting again on both their main and alt accounts, but have still continued to blatantly ignore me. im running out of hope for this because it truly seems like they just dont care about what theyve done. all of my notes are unread (https://sta.sh/0iuwhutaa11). i have contacted this person 6 times now and there is no logical explanation for them to have not seen my messages. they are ignoring me and i genuinely dont know what to do. im considering noting again and telling them ill post this to my deviantart if they dont respond but at this point im losing hope.

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Apr. 12th, 2018 02:50 pm (UTC)
32 commissions in one day? With this sort of behavior, I'm actually surprised this is their first beware on here. Well warranted, that's for sure!
Sadly, you just missed Paypal's refund time, which is 180 days, so the only thing you can do now is hoping that the artist actually do get back to you.
I really do hope this gets resolved somehow, thanks for sharing!
Apr. 12th, 2018 07:27 pm (UTC)
i actually paid with points, but ill be sure to keep that in mind when i need a refund from paypal! also yeah, i went back and double checked and it turns out the numbers even higher, its 34, which makes it somehow worse. i cant believe im the first to make a beware on them but ive met another user on deviantart talking about making one. thank you for commenting!
Christina Schandorph
Apr. 17th, 2018 10:27 am (UTC)
This might help:
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