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Artist Beware - Hornedfreak

WHO: Hornedfreak @ Furaffinity & Tumblr


WHAT: 2 Character sketch commission totaling $40

Note: I have commissioned Hornedfreak many times before, and never had I had such bad service from them before this. (I even have pieces that were paid for after this and completed.)

WHEN: About 2 years ago, contacted via Tumblr for opening of their sketch commissions. Unfortunately I cannot find the original tumblr post but I do have a screenshot of the replies sent  (Tumblr doesn't have timestamps for them for whatever reason.) PROOF: Number 1 in screencap.


In 2016 I ordered a 2 character sketch from Hornedfreak totally $40. 

Payment was sent via Paypal on September 3rd 2015 PROOF: Number 2 in screencap.

In March 2016 I asked for the characters to be changed, since they had not even shown me a sketch, as I had changed my idea. (they said they had a sketch of a sketch but what even is that?) PROOF: Number 3 in screencap.

Also note in Feb 2016 I did order two sketches, with one of the characters being from the two character sketch ordered in March 2016. I later confused this one being finished as the two character sketch when it was not. PROOF: Number 4 in screencap.

Said character from single sketch order:

Proof they did finish the single character (from their trello) finished in June: Screencap Number 5

Also on June 30th They ask there was another sketch I ordered that had been changed to something else. PROOF: Screencap 6

This is where I mistake the single sketch linked above for the two character sketch from tumblr. But they say they will work on it after they clear everything. PROOF: Screencap 7.

On July 28th 2016 I ordered another sketch, which was finished. PROOF: Screencap 8

On October 17th I ordered and IA from them which was finished. 

Meanwhile during this they never updated me on the tumblr sketch commission, but continued to take in new commissions.

On Sept 2nd 2017 I sent them a note about my sketch, which was read but never replied to. In it I describe that if they didnt want to do the old sketch (I still thought it was one character missing at the time, so my bad!) that they could just sketch a single different character and all would be good. I did say feel free to ignore the request though, not the note! PROOF: Screencap 9

No contact from them after that until I called them out about it taking so long on their front page, to which they sent me a rather rude and unprofessional note accusing me of not reading their journal. (I always make sure to read journals about delayed commissions if I am one of the commissioners. And then accusing me of not sending her a note months before and ignoring it.  PROOF: Screencap 10.

They then noted me again saying that they did find the note they had ignored months before, which was before their journal they linked me. Here I also call them out for doing tons of personal art and things on Tumblr which they refute saying it's only a few a month, which by looking at their Tumblr is a lie. PROOF: Screencap 11

And that is the last I have heard from them. It is now MARCH 2018 and my sketch commission was ordered back in September of 2015. Since then they have taken on even more art via Tumblr, but their fA hasn't been updated in months.  My sketch commission isn't even listed on their trello anymore.

I am just frustrated at their lack of communication, being ignored, being lied to, and their lack of professionalism when they did not even complete the commission from 2015.

PROOF: ALL IN ONE SCREENSHOT and marked by number (NSFW):


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