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Buyers Beware: Shaynox Studios [ REPOST ]

This is a mod repost as the original by @MystWuff has been deleted.

MOD COMMENT: Please keep the comments focused on the beware itself. How/why the post was originally deleted is NOT the topic of this post.

WHAT: Commissioned Shaynox Studios for a pair of fursuit pants and outdoor feetpaws.

WHEN: Around Late August 2017 Shaynox studios posted on Facebook that they were open for commissions for both fursuits and fursuit parts. They posted examples of their works. And I contacted shay telling her I was interested in commissioning her for a pair of fursuit pants and feet paws.
On September 12th 2017 I recieved an invoice and paid $325.00 USD for the commission and she added me to her qeue on her Trello. She stated she could ship the completed to commission or pick it up from her table at the dealers den at Furnal equinox 2018. The original completion date was to be February 2018 before furnal Equinox (march 15-18)

EXPLAIN: in January 2018 I began contacting shay regarding updates if work had begun on my commission. She said she began working on my feet paws. Then in early Feburary I again contacted her for updates and to ask if they would be completed in time for furnal Equinox. She said they would be ready and available for pick up at her table Saturday March 17th in the dealers den.

On March 17th 2018 I arrived at Furnal Equinox and messaged shay to ask if I could pick up my fursuit parts. She contacted me saying she had left them in her room and would have to got get them around 12 pm.
After 12pm me and my finance went to her table at the dealers den and then she told me in person that she had forgotten my pants and feetpaws at home. But she was going to send her husband back home to pick them up. And that they will be here to pick up the next day (Sunday March 18)

On March 18th I again spoke to shay at her table at the dealers den. She said her husband did not pick up my pants and feetpaws. She offered to ship them to me with no cost as soon as she returned home from the convention, and offered to make me a pair of handpaws for the inconveniences. She took down my shipping information in her laptop.

I had received no further messages from shay since we spoke on March 18th at Furnal Equinox.

On March 25th her husband posted to her Facebook requesting that her clients contact him as shay had a mental breakdown. I spoke with her husband and he said I had the choice of a refund or to ship my item. I requested that I would like my item to be shipped. He said he would look into shipping it.

Since I last spoke with Shay's husband. I have made efforts to contact both with no reply. The last message I sent to both her husband and shay said the same thing and my concerns. They both have been online and active on Facebook since we last communicated but they do not respond to any of my messages.

To this day,I had never seen any pictures or proof that my suit parts had been made. The last few months there has been minimal communication. I had been very patient and understanding. But have become very frustrated, Not knowing where my money went or if I'll even recieved what I paid for. I feel like I've been played around with, and there has been a complete lack of care about client. I noticed other commissioners were posting to her Facebook requesting updates due to her lack of communication. This is a Beware for those looking to commission fursuits/parts from Shaynox studios.

I will update if I receive any further communication, but I won't hold my breath on a response.

PROOF: I've included the most important conversations including commissioning, payment,and the last message that was sent (to still which was never replied to) in chronological order here.
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