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Advice Needed: Am I being impatient?

Second update (forgot to add this sooner): Received a refund for the additional parts as I requested, and I've received the suit head finally as well. While I do wish that their communication had been better and that I could've gotten the parts as I originally wanted, this has been resolved.

UPDATE 4/2: I've sent them an email requesting a refund for the additional parts, as I have yet to receive any sort of WIPs still. I'd just like the head shipped to me at this point, and I'm hoping that's taken care of much more promptly than this.

Back in late January (specifically on the 21st), I won an auction on The Dealers Den for a character and an accompanying fursuit head of said character that was already made. It was listed in the description that at an increased price, additional parts could be made so I paid extra for a tail and set of hand-paws to be made.

Originally, I was given an estimate of everything being completed (additional parts along with a hood & neck-piece to go with the head) in about 3-4 weeks, but now I'm starting to feel slightly anxious. Initial communication between me and the seller was easy and quickly went back and forth, but they've been fairly quiet since then and I haven't received any WIPs or updates. I was also originally told that they needed to order more black fur, which was fine but I don't even know if they have done so yet or have started on anything.

The character's artwork and ownership have been transferred to me, so what's worrying me is just the lack of knowledge over what their progress is or if they've even begun working on the parts. I emailed them on February 21 (a little under a month from last hearing from them) and asked if there were any sort of updates available, to which I was told no and that they would provide updates after returning from ANE that week.

So... it's March 27 now and I haven't heard anything from them since then or received any kind of updates or pictures still. I know they've taken on more commissions (both fursuit and artwork-related) in the meantime but I'm not listed in any of their queues, which makes me feel like I'm almost being brushed off to the side when I was initially given the impression that everything would be completed as soon as possible between other projects.

I'm not sure what to do and if I should just keep waiting quietly like I have been.
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