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Artists Beware: Lost-Paw [ REPOST ]

This is a mod repost as the original by bootybich has been deleted.

MOD COMMENT: Please keep the comments focused on the beware itself. How/why the post was originally deleted is NOT the topic of this post.

WHO: Lost-Paw

WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/lost-paw

WHAT: Two digital art commissions, one an upgrade of a previous sketch, totaling $300

WHEN: Mid-July '17 — Present

EXPLAIN: Back in July I commissioned Lost-Paw for $300 worth of art, an entirely new piece as well an upgrade to a previous one I had gotten from them, with the promise from them that it would be completed immediately. I waited a week, and they said it would be done. Then a month later I heard it would be done by the end of August. In late September I asked for a refund and they said they would give me one, as over two months had passed at this point and I was entering school again. Since then I periodically checked in with them to see how it was going and heard things about them working on, but never answers that were too specific. They opened comms multiple times, and made promises that art would be completed but they've barely posted anything on their FA or Twitter since then. Now 8 months after my original comm they haven't read any of my messages in over a month, but are still active on Twitter. Additionally they seem to owe a good number of other people, and have no publicly posted queue anywhere to track just how many it is. As it's been over 180 days I'm no longer protected by PayPal or eligible for a chargeback, so I'm left without options.

PROOF: Full conversation history (Some censored NSFW art): https://imgur.com/a/aAaH7

Edit 3/27/2018: Shortly after this post was made the artist contacted this user and sorted the issue out with them, being extremely apologetic about it and quickly issuing a refund for the full $300.
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