sevikodkod wrote in artists_beware

Artist Beware: Lakrust/AnElle

WHO: Lakrust


WHAT: Animated icon

WHEN: Early October 2017


I  commissioned Lakrust for an animated icon, and paid them, in full up  front in october 2017, despite wanting to pay half first then half later. Several months later I messaged her and asked about my commission, she said she hadn't forgot me and was still working on it. I mentioned that she was taking commissions and she said its her main job, that she needs the money. Two months later I mentioned that people were saying I should post her to AB, no reply. So here I am posting her to AB.


Additional details: I accused her of being a con artist, but after cooling down, and some suggestions from others I think I don't have the evidence for such a claim right now, and would like to apologize for getting ahead of myself. I'm communicating with the artist and hoping for a resolution that works for everyone.

AD2: Artist disappeared again. No word on a refund or completion dates. I got responses when emailing the artist when she didn't know who I was, but as soon as I mentioned who I was, complete silence. I'm back to thinking my original thought of this being a scam was correct. Disappearing immediately after finding out I can't get a paypal refund seems pretty bad.


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