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Artist Beware: Adiago/ Zero/ Damien


WHO: Adiago/Zero/Damien 

WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/adiago 

WHAT: Digital art

WHEN: Paid for on December 17th, 2017 - current (No work completed on the piece at the time of writing this.) 

Explain:  On December 17th, 2017, I purchased a piece of art from Adiago over voice in her Discord. The piece was supposed to be four other characters and myself. While I don't know how much the other people paid, I paid a lump sum of $195, which I know was the most out of the group. The money was for all of our characters to be in a Chinese New Years themed, cell shaded commission. Between purchasing my slot and writing this post, I have been blocked from all forms of communication by Adiago, and no WIPs or any updates have been given to me by her or any of her trusted contacts. The commission was added to her "To Do List" on February 1st, 2018. This is the only progress that has been made on it thus far. The date of writing this is March 14th, 2018. (Pictures below)  A friend of mine went out of his way to contact Adiago directly, and the response I received in her Picarto stream was "tell Kat if he does a chargeback ill post him to artists beware. where thousands of people will see it." When someone in stream asked what this was about, she responded "someones trying to be a D-bag and if they do it ill ruin them and no one will ever draw for them again". These were posted publicly for all in her stream to see. (Pictures below)  This is the first time I have ever decided to go through a charge back. I would have liked to work things out with the artist, but at this time the artist is refusing to speak with me. I have no way of contacting them myself, and at this point I just want to post this and be done with it. I am currently in the process of trying to get my money back, and  writing this due to it being a bad experience. From my understanding, this is not the first time something like this has been written about the artist. I paid for work, the work was never finished, and now I want my money  back. That's the short of it.  Please note, all commission details were worked out in voice in Discord. Adiago and I had a good business relationship, and this is how most of our transactions took place. The only details of the commission are shown below in her "To Do List".

EDIT: At this point, the chargeback has been completed, and Adiago has pushed this issue from a professional conflict to a personal one. Please see below for all the details.


This is to show that this is the only commission still sitting in her to do list. The artist is currently working on personal work in her stream. (Linked above)


This picture shows that the commission was put on her "To Do List" on February 1st, 2018. You can see the date in the lower right hand corner says 3/14/2018. This commission is still in her "To Do List" at the time of writing this. (Linked above)





These links are to show that I am currently blocked from communicating with Adiago. I am currently blocked on her FurAffinity, both her twitters, and Telegram. While wanting to keep this strictly professional, I decided not to censor the Telegram link (Besides the names of both my boyfriend and another friend of mine for privacy reasons), because I would like people to understand how I was treated as not only a loyal follower, but a returning commissioner as well. (Links above)


This is the receipt for the Paypal transaction. This is to confirm that I did purchase this commission on December 17th, 2017. (Linked above)


This is her stating publicly in her stream what she intends to do with me charging back. Please look at the quotes "tell Kat if he does a chargeback ill post him to artists beware. where thousands of people will see it." and "someones trying to be a D-bag and if they do it ill ruin them and no one will ever draw for them again".  (Linked above)


This is Adiago's Terms of Service. As it states; "If at any point in the commission process I either find you intolerable or the commission is giving me a large amount of trouble, I will either offer or do a force refund. The final refund amount will be (Total amount-Work completed= Refund). Full refunds only given if I have not started and the commissioner is being problematic." In this situation, Adiago had not started my commission at this point, and had me blocked on all her places of contact. I can only assume at this point I am being found intolerable, and am entitled by her ToS to a full refund. (Linked above)


This is confirmation that the issue was resolved. I was originally going to let this conflict end here, since the claim has already been settled, but Adiago has escalated the issue even further past this point, and has taken the issue from a professional conflict to a personal one. (Linked above is the claim outcome)


This is the image a friend of mine sent me. The time this was sent was 12:41AM on 3/18/2018. I didn't cross out my main account to show that it is in fact me she is targeting, and that I am not going on a witch hunt. This was posted after Paypal had come to a decision on the claim, and marked the issue as "resolved".


This is extra proof to show that I am indeed a returning customer to Adiago. I have purchased more in the past, but throughout 2017 alone I had sent Adiago a total of $555, not including the $195 chargeback. This also shows that this is the only refund I have had to request from Paypal against this artist.

As stated above, I originally wasn't even going to make this post, even with the way she was treating me. The Paypal claim was resolved, and I would have liked to wash my hands of it. Adiago has taken this issue out of the realm of professionalism and made it into something personal. I would like to make the community aware of this unprofessional behavior, and ask to please take caution when considering purchasing art from Adiago. This is the first issue I have ever had with the artist when it comes to buying art, but the situation has quickly escalated into something I would like to be no part of. Thank you for reading, and please be careful! If she is willing to treat returning commissioners like this, then there is no way to know how she will treat new commissioner too! Beware!

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