ARTIST BEWARE: Athena(TheJackal)

WHO: Athena(TheJackal), ScribblyTees

WHERE: Vancoufur 2017

WHAT: Pearl/Bead Badge

WHEN: March 10th 2018 in the Dealers Den.

EXPLAIN: I spoke to Athena at her booth while she was still setting things up. She had a BUNCH of pearl/bead badges on display including one from a popofur I thought was the most amazing pearl/bead badge I set my eyes on. I told her I simply must have one and she was extremely helpful and happy to help. I gave her all my details and I sent her the appropriate amount she asked for both the badge AND shipping. She told me right then on the spot she would have it done by MAY of the same year guaranteed. So here I am, a FULL YEAR later and haven't got even one image of at least a part of it done. I had her on telegram since the day I walked out of that DDen and I've messaged her many times asking for updates and I was always either told some story (Whether you choose to believe it or not isn't my problem, she had AMPLE time prior to that shit) or I was simply ignored. (The classic two checkmarks but no response)
So here I am, finally making this post because any normal individual would.
At this point I don't even care if I get it anymore.



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