demonvixenkyro wrote in artists_beware

Advice needed: Possible first red flag?

So almost 3 weeks ago I commissioned someone on FurAffinity who apparently is an returning artist who was active some years ago and now returned and has all of their old submissions deleted, so they only got like a handful of new submissions now online and after like 5 they posted an ad for commissions, because I liked their style went and commented I wanted to commission them. 

Then the artist and I wrote over PM, discussed the details and I paid her. As I said I commented on the ad and I remember that someone else did too and she deleted both of our comments? 

So now to the part where I need your advice, as I didn't get any info from them when they are going to do my commission or any queue,  I sent them a new note 10 days ago, where I asked when they are going to do the commission and another question about the details of the commission.

They quickly read my note but didn't answer even until now. Also they don't seem active on FurAffinty anymore.. Is this a first red flag? I kind of have an bad feeling about this.


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