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How rude!

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I recently commented on a journal entry on the journal gibbet, noticing a fairly recent post and thinking 'hey, well, she's obviously alive...', and mentioned my commission, asking if she was planning on finishing it, and if not, I'd like a full refund.

She deleted me from her livejournal.

This kind of avoidance is really kind of well... rude, for one. If she owed me an art trade, I'd be less inclined to try and keep up with it, but I paid money for this. Wasted money that could have been put towards art by a more reliable and deserving artist.

I guess I'd just like to say to anyone who gets put to her emo tirade of 'oh I'm soooo poor' etc etc does not commission her, because you'll be hard pressed to get your money's worth, and she'll avoid you like the plague.

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