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Artist Beware | Crystaluniicorn


Who: CrystalUniicorn

Where: https://crystaluniicorn.deviantart.com/

What: Custom Draft Horse Stallion Lineart/ base

When: Commissioned on August 11th 2016

EXPLAIN: I commissioned Crystal on August 11th 2016 for a Draft horse base because she and I had talked about lineart custom previously via comments on one of her submissions, she explained a custom lineart would be 15$ and I agreed, explained what I wanted and left it at that. I didn't note her about it afterward because I trusted her to finish her list of commissions in a timely manner, she was very kind and professional. Around mid September she posted a journal stating she'd be catching up on commissions and posting them soon but after one batch of horse adoptables she disappeared. I posted a Lost contact and never received any info other than a locked instagram which I found out she doesn't use anymore, she hasn't responded to commissioners even when she came back to deviantart for a month. I've sent her a note which has gone unresponded to.

Proof: (Tried to make these as big as possible)

Original Note; https://imgur.com/IpUTNvJ

PoP; https://i.imgur.com/Mx6R9ew.png

Journal Mentioned; https://i.imgur.com/l8sa5L5.png

Unread note status; https://i.imgur.com/104QthE.png

Unread note contents; https://i.imgur.com/vhoV9X6.png

Not really sure what to do at this point.

EDIT/ 1/29/18; Sent an email to the last known email / email I paid through paypal to see if by chance she'll answer me, highly doubt it due to people saying she's ignored them but I'll cross my fingers.

EDIT: 2/18/18; My email and note have still not been answered and from what I can tell she's still avoiding deviantart even though a commission widget is still on her page ( can be seen here; https://i.imgur.com/PghBT4r.png ). I'm sick of this tbh 

EDIT: 7/9/18; She's made a full return and has been posting, albeit infrequently, but still hasn't posted commissions/ given refunds from what I've seen. She HAS posted p2u (pay to use) bases/ linearts and persona reference sheets though which leads me to wonder... but I digress. I sent her a note 3 days ago as seen here: https://i.imgur.com/wq79Unh.png it's been read but not replied to. (Contents of said note: https://i.imgur.com/TZykIzK.png )


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