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Beware: BigBlueRaptor

WHO: BigBlueRaptor

WHERE: @bigblueraptor on twitter, LeeLee on Furaffinity

WHAT: Kaiju LED badge

WHEN: May 3rd, 2017- Initial contact
May 4th- payment
August 19th- First sign of trouble. Asked where my position was in the queue and received no response.

EXPLAIN: October 28th- The deadline I had specified on the commission form was the next week so I contacted them asking if they were ready to send the badge. I had seen the completed art (which was a template. They had not specified the art would be on a template either) but they had not contacted me with it. I had to scour their twitter.
November 10th- They asked me if I would be at MFF so they could give me the badge. I told them I wasn’t sure so mailing it would be the best. I’d prepaid for shipping anyway. After this they refused to answer twitter DMs. I @ ed them on twitter and they said the didn’t make it to MFF. They did not reach out to tell me this, I had to reach out to them. No mention of shipping the badge. Despite my attempts, no further contact has been received from them.

PROOF: Links to our conversations, the unreplied to emails, and proof of purchase

Proof of Purchase:
Tags: artist-leelee/bigblueraptor/bigbluedrago, artist-leelee/sofboi, beware

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