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Artist beware: Cosmiicolor

WHO: Cosmiicolor/occasionallylucario/Hot blooded lucario

WHERE: and

WHAT: Group digital art commission

WHEN:  Time of payment 9/01/2017, time of suspicion 10/24/2017

EXPLAIN:  Me and some friends just wanted a little semi chibi styled group pic, it got a little awkward since we had 2 late joiners but it got settled.

We had her in our discord so she could talk to any of us at any time.

A few days after commissioning I sent a DM to ask if she could provide a link to her stream so we could watch but before I could start asking she stated she was sick and didnt say anything else after.

I sent a few DMs spread out over large wait times to not spam her but was completely ignored each time. Another in our discord sends her a message and gets ignored as well.

I wait out the holidays to give her another chance before saying anything and decided to wait till 1/05/2018 to call her out.

One of us even pulled money back from paypal before the take back period ended and that still caused no response.

Upon calling her out her first and only response was to block me, solidifying that she took our money and ran.

PROOF:  When the group DM was called together to discuss:

Recapping the commission:

Moment of paying:

Confirmation of ignored messages:

Confirmation of being ignored and blocked on Twitter:


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