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Advice needed: Artist made commission before aggreement was really made

EDIT: This is resolved now, the artist replied and claimed that they messaged me back and gave me the details and the price. As I never received that note and therefore didn't reply, they assumed I was ok with it (for whatever reason). They offered me to do the commmission again, this time excatly how I wanted and I was given the choice of paying 75$ and getting the image I want or 90$ and receive the high resolution of the wrong commission as well. I think that's a fair offer and this time I was already shown some WIPs, so I consider that resolved now. Thanks to everyone for their tipps

Original Post:

I am in a strange situation right now.

I messaged and artist about 2 weeks ago about a possible commission. They didn't have a very clear or specific price system and there was just to price range from 55$ to 90$ given.

As I really liked their style I messaged them about a possible commission. I didn't fully detail it yet, as I first had a few things to ask. As I wanted something with Lara Croft, Chloe Frazer and Ada Wong in one pic but there wasn't much with game characters in their gallery I asked first whether they would be interested in drawing them and gave them my basic idea. 

I never got a reply and since they opened the note I thought that they aren't interested, moved on and didn't think about that anymore. 

Two days ago the artist suddenly messaged me to tell me that my commission was complete and the price would 75$. I was completely confused and looking at the small preview they sent me, it's not really what I wanted as it covers the basic theme but the whole scene is completely wrong as the never given me the chance to give more details. I normally ask artists first whether they could do a certain thing before giving all the smaller details. 

Now, I messaged them back, telling them that I didn't even know that they were working on my commission and that while it looks good is not what I wanted. Basically I wanted a pic of Ada taking a treasure after having defeated Lara and Chloe, looking down on them and them being on the ground. He drew something much more NSFW and violent. It's not bad, but simply not what I was looking for. 

Now, I didn't even consider that he was working on my commission as I never had an artist simply starting it without messaging me back and talking the details. 

I told them in my message, that they should have messaged me back and that I wanted something else and do not really want to pay the full price for something I didn't even know they were working on. I don't get why they did it that way. 

So far I haven't received a reply. I don't want to make a beware out of that yet, I just don't know how to handle that situation. 

Any advice would be apprecciated. 


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