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Artist Beware: TGBK


WHERE (NSFW links warning):


NSFW art commissions that I bought from this artists that were never received or even started on.


I paid $200 for these commissions on July 2016 and I received nothing at all. Only excuses and fake stories that they are being worked on and will be delivered soon.


I am posting this up so that no more innocent people will be scammed and have their money stolen from them by this guy. I paid $200 USD using paypal for some NSFW commissions that I never received since July 2016 from an artist known as TGBK. This person always makes up sad excuses about the art commissions being worked on but as of this day he has never even sent me a sketch. He stopped talking to me on August 2017 after he said that the sketches were done and I politely asked if I could see them. He actually would only reply to me if I supported him on Patreon as most of my later messages were only from Patreon as he would not reply to regular email messages. Obviously he had been lying to me all along especially since many times he said that the commissions were done when they weren't even started on otherwise he would have sent a sketch. It is now way too late for a chargeback on my visa card. Originally I filed a paypal dispute claim and after he begged me to close the case I fell for his lies that I did what he said because he said that the commissions were almost done and he had health problems going on in his life. I had no idea that he was scamming me. He has a Patreon site where he has changed his name from TGBK to KawaiiGirlsCafe/KGC and currently to Project Hime. Now he is trying to pull the vanishing act and ignoring all emails and I only emailed him once a month to ask about commission status. Even when I very politely ask about my commission status or how he is doing (if he is still around) he deletes all the comments from his Patreon page and hides them from his DeviantArt profile. This is an obvious sign that he doesn't want other people to know what he is doing as he is continuing to trick more victims. I have provided screenshots of all the email messages that I've gotten from him.


These are screenshots of the emails:
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