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Beware: SilverDeni


WHO: SilverDeni  


WHAT: $60 Digital Flat Commission, don't care if completed at this point  

WHEN: Commissioned Feb 27th, 2013  

EXPLAIN:  Back in 2013, I replied to a journal post on SilverDeni's page for flat commissions, she mentioned college work but also laid out a plan to get the commissions done so I already had an expectation that it might take a bit to get the art and was perfectly fine with it. [Journal in question is here -] [Journal with work plan —]

Time passes and she posts an update that things will be slow due to IRL things, and also that she'd be taking on some more commissions in another journal. I also sent a PM to her letting her know to delay mine a bit if she needed some breathing room, her response in is PM1 in the proof below. [Update] [More commissions —]

I also sent her a couple PMs later that year to check in, PM2 below has those conversations. I did not receive a response from either, and the second one was because she wrote a journal complaining about impatient commissioners, this was recently after I asked for an update so I wanted to apologize. I unfortunately don't have a link to this journal as its been deleted.
She then disappears from the web for about 2 years minus various journals about trouble in college and life. Eventually I decide to PM her again, she posted a sketch of my character that I commissioned in her scraps so I was inquiring about this, this conversation is in PM3 below.

I didn't receive a response from the last message I sent, I tried contacting her again later on that year, This is in PM4.

I also then tried to contact early this year through PM again, PM5 and 6 have these conversations.

I realize I may have been a bit nice about it since it was frustrating to see her pumping out personal and friend art constantly with commissions few and far between, especially when at one point I was 'second to last' in her queue. It was a $60 dollar commission and unfortunately I've changed banks so I don't have proof anymore. At this point I really don't care about getting the art or a refund, i'm just really let down that an artist I was really excited to finally commission has so much trouble communicating with her clients, I shouldn't have to be the one to try and force updates on a commission. I can understand life happens, but almost 5 years of waiting for something that I'm led to believe is almost done is just a bit much.

PROOF: Imgur album with all screenshots —


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