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Artist beware - Coff

 Who: Coff 


What: 2 sketch commissions, 8 USD each. 

When: 1 was commissioned 23rd November 2016, the 2nd one on the 7th of December, 2016

Explain: I saw the artist one day while browsing FA, I had never commissioned an artist before, so I wanted to give it a try. They were very polite and nice to chat with, so I didn't think there wold be any issues at all. Then the days went, the weeks went.  I wondered why it took so long, as they opened up more complex commissions and YCH, which I thought was to bring in more money, as hey, 16 USD isn't that much really. They then posted journals about their current health and such, which, sure, it sucked, but wasn't really a reason for me to be angry.  Now, about two months ago, they contact me and tells me that they can't do the commission as they constantly has to redraw the characters.  At least they could've told me sooner !  I told them that I'd like a refund and that I'd return once I had gotten over the canceld commission.  Haven't heard from them since then, my notes has been unread, comments ignored. They posted a journal about their current situation, but I've been patient with them and I've had enough!  I've sent them a money request on Paypal,  with a note telling who I am and why I'm sending it. which has also been ignored.  I feel terrible about doing this, but I don't see any other option.  

Proof: the screenshots of our latest conversation about two months ago as well as the unanswered notes.  I also link the paypal recipts as well as the money request to them. I've also linked the notes I've sent to them that has been ignored by them. The request for a refund is on its own image, at the lower end of it.  Hope this is more ok ?  

Edit 14th of December 2017
Received my refund near midnight on the 13th of December.
Glad that the issue has been solved.
Tags: artist-coff, resolved


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