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Artist Beware: BarkingEllie / Dorky Dog Suits

EDIT: Paypal Customer Protection Refunded me the $50 that was owed. Artist never tried to talk to me or solve this problem thus this beware will still be kept up.
Telegram: @BarkingEllie

WHERE: Telegram

WHAT: A Fully Detailed Reference Sheet. Value of $100. Got Refunded $50.

WHEN: April 30th I Got the offer from her, and after a few days we got a deal.
May 10th is when I paid for the comission. ($100) with a plus of $50 that I did as donation.
Problems started in August when she started to ignore me for long periods of time.

Everything started fine, we discussed prices and options, etc.
I would often check on her afterwards since I consider $100 to be quite a high price, though I was willing to pay a lot because of how complex the character is.
This person denied giving me access to a ''to-do list'' at all cost. (seen in screencaps) She would often give excuses to explain why she ''doesn't'' have a to-do list.
We had a few random days where we would have long chats about life and this one time she mentioned her friend and her run a fursuit business and her friend wanted to buy some fur supply and I donated $50 to help them buy it. I want to say, I am NOT interested into getting this $50 back since it was donation and plus has nothing to do with the actual comission.
After August is when I started to feel discomfort towards the treatment amongst the artist and me. Being ignored for almost a whole month made me doubt about this comission so I asked again about the to-do list. Got again another explanation why it doesn't exist and decided to keep quiet for some time.
During ALL this time I was given the same ''I will do it this upcoming week'' message over and over though NO sketches OR Work in progress were shown to me AT ALL.
Once September arrived I gave her a final message asking for either a To-Do list, to see a WIP OR a Full Refund.
Got a reply two days after that telling me they were doing the lineart. I got frustrated and asked why would they be doing the lineart already if I had not seen any work prior to that nor had I aproved it.
Artist replied with a short message saying ''If you don't like it then it's not worth finishing it :)''
I got mad over this message and decided to ask for a full refund. She promised to do it 'next week'.
I had to wait for a whole month until that happened. BUT I only got half of it refunded. Got a promise of the other half being done as soon as she gets her next payment. A whole month has passed and this person has been ignoring my messages since.

Plus I got adviced by one close person to check her furaffinity and facebook (Dorky Dog Suits, her business page) since people have been starting to show up leaving comments about her ignoring them and not getting refunds either.

Transcript of the Conversation here in both spanish and english(translated):

All Screenshots of the Conversations both in the telegram group (decided to keep the name of the group hidden) and in private:

PS; Conversation Transcription was cut in certain parts because the topic that was discussed in those parts had nothing to do with the comission. It was all just simple daily life chatting.
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