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Artist Beware: Sharpe19/SharpeCostumes

Where: Furaffinity.net/user/sharpe19

What: Premade head, to be upgraded with a matching tail.

When: September 2016

Explain: Sharpe was taking offers on this premade suit nicknamed at the time Alchemy https://imgur.com/fdz80W1. Sharpe did make it known that a new hood (neck/ears) would be made for the winner which I thought was too cool to pass up. I sent them an email private offer of 1800 with the request of a payment plan on 9/19/2016 https://imgur.com/6n2vueu.This was the highest bid at that time, and the payment plan was welcomed!

I also inquired about a design (this is prior to being the “chosen” buyer) which Sharpe seemed intrigued by. She asked if a deposit of 800 would be doable https://imgur.com/BCS4ls6 and that my offer is very interesting to her. At this time, I also asked if at this or a future time she would be willing to make me a tail and maybe hands/feet as well for extra funds of course. She agreed to a tail and to possibly add crystals as well! By this time, I was notified that I WAS the buyer (I’m not sure where that message is... I literally don’t have an email or a FA note so weird) and asked for her Paypal to send the first part of my deposit https://imgur.com/ryQN3in.

By now I had made my first deposit payment of 600 and was going to get the remainder the following day. I was waiting on Paypal to clear funds of a sale of mine to finish my deposit to Sharpe https://imgur.com/DyhGIzK and was able to put the remaining 200 down on September 30th

Some time passed (about a month) and I had sent another 750 to Sharpe while awaiting my first check from my new job https://imgur.com/HlCaOS3.

NOW all was going extremely smoothly Sharpe was very quick to respond and lovely to work with. I had 0 issues with communication. I’m going to switch from email to FA notes as I was assuming photos would be uploaded to FA instead of sent via EMAIL (what my previous makers have done in the past).

I let a few months go past, I was off FA for a small break, but decided to send a poke her way to see where we were at with the commission https://imgur.com/Qy5NYzz. Now this is about 6 months after the payments were made. I know sometimes life gets busy and I am VERY flexible when people are up front to me with what’s going on… but this response was honestly a little awkward for me https://imgur.com/opSPYdv it appeared she literally had no idea who I was. NOW that being said our primary form of communication was through email, and I’m not sure how others work but for me I document peoples Emails/FA/DA/FB whatever methods of communication I can just so I can keep in touch. But I brushed it off as just simple confusion as to who I was! It happens. https://imgur.com/r0J7p5B this is just me clearing up which commission I was and getting a few verbal updates. Sounds like the Hood didn’t turn out as well and needed to be redone-reworked before progressing. Sure no problem! Quality over speed in my opinion! https://imgur.com/DaoaH0p first talk of getting some updates. They never came but that’s ok life gets busy I suppose.

Now were onto June of 2017 where I again asked if we had any updates https://imgur.com/1SGuIdv to which I was responded with a note that seemed promising and that work was almost complete (unless I’m reading into it wrong, to me it sounded like all it needed was airbrushing) https://imgur.com/JYUUm4S. This got me quite excited so I decided to let her work and try back later if she didn’t get back to me first.

Well now were pushing the “Almost a year” mark and I am honestly starting to get antsy as I had conventions I was planning to wear this to and really didn’t expect it to take a full year to complete a hood replacement and a tail. https://imgur.com/mix1MqY I was a little confused by the response as I thought we were almost done with things and apparently it was just a first test run? Of the fur? https://imgur.com/1BtiaAr and at this point I had given up mentally that this project would get done. Sharpe was spending (I follow her on twitter) most of her time working on personal costumes/cosplays/projects and I felt like I was completely tossed on the backburner. This is when I asked a SECOND time (because she either ignored or didn’t read) for an estimated time of completion https://imgur.com/CisL4Jc.She said it would be Most likely August, but for sure before Halloween. Finally, a date set I can stop pestering her! https://imgur.com/Z5F4JO9

Well were officially at/past the one-year mark, august came and went and so I inquired one more time to be sure were on track for Halloween https://imgur.com/tyrNaxi to which they assured me we are https://imgur.com/HH4PmBV.To me, and please let me know if I’m wrong, I was under the assumption my suit would be IN HAND by Halloween when I asked if we were on track… Is that wrong of me to assume?

Completed Payments https://imgur.com/AnCPEK6 So the original plan was 1800 but I did not complete my final payment of 250 dollars. I was holding on to it until the product had either photo proof, or completion proof or SOMETHING because I have been burned MORE than a handful of times.
Well Halloween is tomorrow. I have 0 progress photos, proof of work, I literally have only her word. She messaged me asking for my address, however when I did ask for photos I was met with a really odd response of “Depending on how late you’re awake” https://imgur.com/wXg9Yilwhat?? What difference does it matter how late it is... why is it SO hard for Sharpe to provide me ANY proof of work?? At this point I just hope I can get my refund as I have ZERO desire for this character anymore. I’m not sure if it’s just my expectations or what but a year of waiting with no progress updates proof or anything really left a sour taste in my mouth. I’m a very patient person but I really feel like my commission was not taken seriously or professionally in the form of timelines/completion. It just seems like my commission didn’t/doesn’t matter and that I was only a quick paycheck for someone to use.

As of 10/29/2017 I was relayed it would be shipping out "this weekend" (the weekend before halloween) however it was not, and I still have 0 photographic proof of ANY work.

Sharpe is a really nice gal, super communicative and will respond very quickly. I just think her time management is lacking. Personal and new projects took priority over my paid commission. I just hope I can get my refund promptly.

Beware is only warranted for lack of time management and prioritizing issues. She makes great work, and she’s very communicative. I missed out on every event I wanted to wear this piece to and actually ordered a new costume in the meantime as backup for Halloween as I had a feeling it again, wouldn’t be completed on time. I hope Sharpe steps up her game on her time management and prioritizing pieces.

Update 11/8/2017: At this time Sharpe and I have agreed on a full refund, she will be selling the suit (this is the current listing link https://www.thedealersden.com/listing/alchemy/129915) and the profits will be coming to me. Im glad we could come to an agreement. I will update as soon as refund payments are made.

Update: 11/16/2017: I have received the first payment of 450 dollars, with an agreement on a payment plan that will total just over 1300 dollars in a matter of 5 weeks. I am currently at work, and unable to get a screenshot but I will update this post promptly.

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Nov. 2nd, 2017 10:21 pm (UTC)
So, as someone who has been in a somewhat similar situation to you (see here for full details: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/18728974/ )
You might have been too quick to put up a beware.

I absolutely agree Sharpe has some time management / organizational issues, as I experienced much the same problems as you.

But it's also possible you, I, and Sharpe, have totally different ideas when we say "no deadline". For me, I thought it meant "within a year," which seems is the same thing you thought. And for Sharpe it seems to mean "literally whenever." I don't know if that's intentional on her end or what.

It's also possible we're just emailing back and forth way too often. And I can totally understand how difficult it is to keep up with 5 billion details spread across 100 different emails. But I also kinda think that the person running the business should either have better organization to account for that or ask us (the commissioners) to recap everything we want in one email.

Anyway, you and I are not the only people who have dealt with similar situations with her. But in my case and the other person I know of's case, we all got our stuff eventually. Just not in what we thought was a "timely manner."

In my case specifically, she said she'd send it a particular weekend, but it didn't get sent until the next weekend after that, and the tracking info she provided was wrong. But when I brought up the tracking info thing, she provided a pic of the receipt and, to her credit, the head showed up shortly thereafter.

It's such a bad(?) situation to be in, because Sharpe really is amazing in literally everything else. I love what she's made for me, her communication is good, her customer service is great. But yeah, this one thing she does (with deadlines/predicting deadlines/shipping) is unfortunately offputting. =[
Nov. 2nd, 2017 10:43 pm (UTC)
Eeehhhh you're being incredibly forgiving on some really poor business practices. One year for an item that was already mostly made, plus a tail? That's definitely not too long to tell other folks about this situation. Especially when the builder hasn't sent any photos, and promised a deadline that was missed. Regardless of what the original agreement was, Sharpe gave the client a deadline that came and went.

If this was ten or more years ago I'd be forgiving for the lack of photo updates, but now with smartphones everywhere it takes seconds to upload photos to dropbox.

It's not your job as the client to keep track of details; that's the artist's/ builder's job.
Nov. 2nd, 2017 11:11 pm (UTC)
You're right. I'm being incredibly forgiving. At the time it happened with me I was holding a huge grudge and would never had recommended her to anyone else. The timing thing is a huge pet peeve.

But now I have 3ish years between me and the event and, given all the other stuff Sharpe has done (most notably how great her communication is, besides pics obviously) I am a little more removed from it and it doesn't "hurt" as much, you could say.

I mean, obviously the beware is warranted if it's up (that's what mods are for). But there is also a certain stigma with a bewares and, I just don't know (me personally, that is) if 100% avoiding sharpe due to time restraints is the best advice.

Because, unlike many other people who miss deadlines and such, Sharpe actually does seem to deliver. And she does (at least seem) to care.

Just thought I'd offer my experience with this, since it was similar.

Nov. 3rd, 2017 05:38 pm (UTC)
Im glad you got your suit and Im not saying for anyone to avoid her at all! I really just wanted to express my experience. As ive said in a private message to a friend.. "My experience wasnt a good one, but thats not to stop the next customer from having a great one. Sharpe has been and will always be a top maker for me but personally I just cant agree to how things were handled and hwow my commission was treated.

for me it was.. far past the due date.. every event I had wanted to wear it to was long gone.. when I asked for updates or proof of work I was always ignored. I was literally forgotten 6 months into waiting.. it just left this very sour taste in my mouth.

I have fullsuits from Faruku, Crystumes, and Stuffed Panda and have never had issues with photo proof or progress or anything. The fact that sharpe refused to update me until I demanded a refund and posted a beware says a lot.

She told one girl on social media the suit was done friday, however she sent me a message saturday night that she would be working through the night to get it done (see link for "Depends how late youre up" thats the comment there)

her timelines dont add up. she wasnt working on my project until the literal LAST second. I didnt pay 1550 for a rushed one night project. I gave her a full year to complete the suit that was 80% complete already.

it was just a fall through, a suckerpunch to me, and an all around negative experience for me.

Edited at 2017-11-03 05:42 pm (UTC)
Nov. 3rd, 2017 06:37 pm (UTC)
Sorry. That really sucks.

I guess I originally posted because I was 99% sure you'd either get the suit or a refund very soon, and wanted to ease your worries about that. But it end up coming out as a total defense for Sharpe. For which, everyone here is right, there is no defense. She should know better, especially since it's been happening for years now.

I hope everything works out for you and you get your refund soon.

Edited at 2017-11-03 06:39 pm (UTC)
Nov. 3rd, 2017 02:33 am (UTC)
I think she needs to make a Trello or some sort of app to help with her managing. I'm no fursuit pro but a year seems to be way too much time. Even if she does have troubles, it's up to her to communicate with you and other commissioners of what is going on rather than yourself and the others prodding her for an update.

I also read the notes about airbrushing just being left as well as how she asked of which one you were while also mentioning it was difficult to get fur for it. Just doesn't sound so good :/

Hopefully she can improve balancing projects and managing in the future.
Nov. 3rd, 2017 05:33 pm (UTC)
I will update this post and say for the time being this is resolved: Sharpe has promised me a refund (when she can) and she has listed the suit for sale as is and will relinquish the funds to me.

Idk.. for me maybe I was under the impression something like this would take a handful of months. You can even see in my notes before the 6 month mark of waiting I told her to take her time but post 6months I was asking for photos, updates, proof.. an ETA just about ANYTHING to get a solid answer.

Sharpe is really kind and her work is great.. it was just a lack of professionalism? I guess? Feeling like my commission didnt matter for a second. Having my commission literally forgotten about 6 months into me waiting.. zero proof of ANYTHING being done.

I was just frustrated and done with the situation. It seemed like nothing was getting done until POST due date where it seems all the work was completed that sunday before halloween. one day rush job to just get it done.

Wasnt really what I expected when I agreed to pay over 1500 dollars for a project.
Nov. 3rd, 2017 05:38 pm (UTC)

We can mark this as resolved for you, but we suggest to wait until your have cash in hand. Either way, we will do whatever you feel most comfortable with.
Nov. 3rd, 2017 05:43 pm (UTC)
If its ok lets wait until cash is in hand. I didnt think of that. I just wanted to express sharpe HAS been in contact and has come up with a solution at this time.

Thanks mod!
Nov. 8th, 2017 06:52 pm (UTC)
Well this is familiar. Bought a blank from her in January, didn't receive it until after AC. She kept saying the weather needed to warm up for her to cast then cut it, then was posting other cast things for sale. I think I had to give her a due date to have it by and she mailed it then.

Be persistent. She's unfortunately going to let it slide if you just dismiss letting her refund you on her own time.
Nov. 8th, 2017 07:19 pm (UTC)
thats super unfortunate im sorry you went through that.

I think I'll pester her again about my refund next week. If she truly does have a fulltime job and that is what she has told me, most people get paid every 2 weeks. so I think next weekend Ill see about even getting SOME of my refund. I know she asked me if im ok waiting for someone to make payment plan payments on the suit (assuming it has now sold) and I said sure but we'll see what happens.
Jan. 4th, 2018 12:29 pm (UTC)
If I'm reading this correctly, she has to pay you back in chunks? If she didn't deliver your product, she shouldn't have spent that money and it should be ready to refund immediately. Unless I've missed something?
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