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Artist Beware - shacklefunk

WHO: shacklefunk, Shade

WHERE: shacklefunk.tumblr.com

WHAT: Colored Sketch commission for $50

WHEN: From July 5th to October 28th


Tl;dr : After payment, they completely cut off communication despite multiple attempts to contact them about the status of our commission. They never kept us updated and ignored our messages, all while actively posting on their tumblr.

July 1-5 : A friend and I decided we'd commission shacklefunk back in July 1st after noticing them opening slots for sketch commissions. So we sent them a form and our commission was confirmed along with the $50 payment on July 5th. (proof)

July 24 : A couple weeks past, and we decided to email them just to ask for the status of our commission. No response. (proof)

We just go with the benefit of the doubt and assume that they'll finish the commission on their own time, so we just waited.

August 8 : A month passes and we try and shoot them a private message on tumblr since they were actively posting unrelated art there. We ask for the status of our commission and our message was ignored.(proof)

October 4 : It got to the point of 3 months. We still hadn't received our commission, all while watching Shade remain active on tumblr. So we send another email requesting for the status of our commission. Our email was ignored again. They still actively posted unrelated art on their tumblr. (proof) (proof of activity, taken from shade's tumblr archive)

October 16: We ran out of patience and decided to send Shade a request for a refund through their tumblr asks. They never responded. Ignored our message again. (proof)

October 24 : We decide to send them a refund request via email. No response.
At this point, we were anxious about the chance that we wouldn't receive our product or our money back so my friend makes a post on tumblr, tagging shacklefunk, requesting them to check their commission emails. Our post was either missed or ignored. (proof)

October 27 : Shade posts a text post asking for their followers to give them drawing requests. I was running thin on patience so I decided to reblog that post requesting them to check their emails, since I thought it was ridiculous they were willing to draw request images but not willing to draw our already-paid commission / respond to any of our messages.
And they deleted the post shortly after I reblogged it, meaning they probably saw the message. Yet no reponse that day either. (proof)

October 28 : They finally send us a refund via google wallet, despite not replying back to any of our messages. Provided no explanation or apology. (proof)


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