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ARTIST BEWARE: FurFancyCostumes/Victoria10717/Vixxens

> SUBJECT: ARTIST BEWARE: FurFancyCostumes/Victoria10717/Vixxens
> WHO: Victoria10717, Vixxens, or her official business FurfancyCostumes
> WHERE:,, and More proof can be found on her instagram Her business sites are and
> WHAT: Stretchy handband ears
> WHEN: The journal where I asked for ears I cannot access but payment was recieved by her on January 30th of 2015. I spoke to her in person at AC about them. then there were a few notes exchanged on fa about the status of my commission.
> EXPLAIN: In February of 2015 I had paid Victoria for a hand made item (paypal transaction
> ). A set of headband ears which I was told would be finished by July at Anthrocon. The convention came and went and I still did not receive my item (asking if they will be ready I was placed on her public Que for completion along with others. Earlier this year I was removed from the list without notification and I myself had to reach out to her. The reason I got was as follows: "ive been trying to get the extra cash to actually refund you for them since its been a crazy amount of time :(" I was also informed she wanted to focus solely on large scale projects (Trello removal? (Trello response I also know between all of this she had moved several times and was having issues so I was patient and understanding. Since all of this she has bought quite a bit of house items, a large 3-d printer, and a large 22hd cintiq drawing tablet for herself within the past two months so I do not understand why I have not received my refund from her. She is using both the 3-d printer and the tablet to take on many commissions and pre-orders and has been very active online in doing so. On the 24th I issued a two week warning on an artist beware, believing this was more then enough time to rectify the issue of either my refund or the product. She has read these messages but has not responded since (Follow up (following up again (Ultimatium issued Now I understand should not have waited this long for such a small product but with her moving a lot I thought it was the right thing to do. I would get paypal involved but it is now going on almost 3 years of waiting for ear headbands. She also claims she doesn't take small parts orders but her trello and her pages show otherwise.
> PROOF: (paypal transaction
> ) (asking if they will be ready (overdue Acknowledgment (Trello removal? (Trello response (Follow up (following up again (Ultimatium issued (business email and possible refund?
> ) (New Graphic Table and price (New large 3-d printer and price (proof that all messages on furaffinty were read by Victoria as requested by AB staff

::EDIT AS OF 10/20/2017::
Full refund has been recieved by Victoria via paypal
So I am owed nothing else.
link for proof:
Tags: artist-furfancycostumes/victoria10717, fursuit, resolved
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