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WHO: Millenium-Millie-Gryphon AKA Millie AKA Onyx AKA Onyx Art Studios

WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/millenium-millie-gryphon

WHAT: 2 x circus poster style images of my otter shape

WHEN: Claimed slots, provided references and paid on February 14th. Inquired on progress April 10th, got response and first pic on April 16th, which was of a wrong character. After informing the artist of that, she did the second pic, then said she will redraw this one, then delayed past the paypal dispute deadline after which stopped responding to notes (still reading them and taking other commissions).

EXPLAIN: Millie opens these commissions via journals/picture announcements on a regular basis. I took two slots and sent info February 14th, 2017, paid same day.

After no progress for a couple months, I’ve contacted Millie on April 10th to check on the progress, and got a response with one image April 16th. There was one problem with that though, it was a wrong character, which I told her. We have reconfirmed the correct references, and May 7th, I got the second picture. That one was pretty well done. I again informed Millie that the first one was wrong, and also mentioned that it was supposed to go with another picture with the same subject from another artist. I have also requested the picture with the wrong character taken down. She said she will redraw it, then it took a series of delays until paypal dispute deadline has expired (in hindsight, I should have opened it, but her staying in communication and being polite kind of led me astray). After that, she stopped responding to notes while reading them, being active and offering further commissions.

PROOF: https://imgur.com/a/eJB32

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Fralea Comms
Oct. 11th, 2017 01:57 pm (UTC)
Yes, there seems to have been a lot of miscommunication on both sides. Both could probably work on relaying what they mean better and they've both said some things I've felt were overly aggressive. The three months thing seems to be entirely a miscommunication issue.

OP was very rude asking for edits to the redone otter piece, but I feel like people looked over the fact that the artist was also rude when asked to fix the eyecolor, which was a legitimate mistake on their part (even if I can understand them not knowing accessories were always required).

Plus OP is being pretty aggressive in reply to people in this beware. If I hadn't already decided not to work with them in the past (issue was resolved so I don't see the need to go into it) I probably would have decided to do so from their response here. I don't want to be attacked if I forget something on their ref sheet-- which happens sometimes, even with clear refs and communication and me double checking, just due to human error.

Edited at 2017-10-11 01:59 pm (UTC)


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