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Artist Beware: C Smut Run

WHO: csmutrun
WHERE: All galleries are NSFW / 18+ adult art.

WHAT: Digital art, 2x pictures.
2x characters + background, NSFW, coloured, paid by a Paypal sponsor/friend.
1x character, NSFW, coloured - never paid because we decided to cancel after the above commission took too long.

27th - 28th March – made contact.
29th – 30th March – exchanged commission details & payment.
31st March – Promised to finish thumbnails tonight.
14th April – I ask for the WIPs, & request an explanation for going absent.
14th April – CS explains he lost his job & apartment, but we are top priority. Thumbnails promised.
14th April – When questioned for the turnaround, CS promises finished art by the end of May, & thumbnails promised tomorrow.
17th April – Missed deadline. Request sent.
18th April – Received a sketch WIP.

( Posted commissions for newer clients, contradicting his status )
Arpil 23rd free drawings livestream
April 24th 20 drawings livestream

26th April – Enquiry sent.
26th April – Sketch cleanup received, one character.

April 30th - Tumblr update for another livestream

1st May – Sketch cleanup sent of full scene.
12th of May – Cleaned up lineart received.
28th May – Enquiry sent.
29th May – Partial coloured flats preview received.
25th June – Enquiry sent.
30th June – Enquiry sent & refund request, threat to escalate to Paypal dispute if no reply.
30th June – 50% of refund received & finished art promised soon.
29th July – Enquiry sent.
29th July – Final deadline promised within 7 days, or refund.
5th August – Enquiry sent.
6th August - Art or Refund request sent.
7th August – Refund sent & confirmed.

47+ e-mails of asking for art wips, updates, and extensions.

For a two-character commission co-owned by a friend, we had contacted CS, and after the payment went through, communication became erratic & uncooperative/avoidant.

I. Consistently made & broke promised deadlines for WIP & finished piece.
II. Never provided WIPs (despite in the contract) unless asked, AFTER repeated requests.
III. Art progress was next to nil for 5 months, a total of 4 WIPs & a revision. (sketch, rough inked lines, cleaned lines, 5% coloured flats cleanup) provided.
IV. Never followed up with an apology & work progress after missing a deadline. Had to chase with more e-mails.
V. At one point ignored a deadline for finished art & repeated attempts to make contact, then made another promise immediately after we threatened Paypal dispute.
accepting our payment. (See proof linked above)
VI. As of 6th August he had ignored e-mails asking for our refund, after missing the final extension deadline on the 4th of August.
VII. Responded to third e-mail & promised refund.
VIII. Received 2nd half of the commission's price same night.

(Initial contact/payment & first case of AWOL)

(Example of AWOL & delayed responses to contact)

(29th May - 30th June AWOL & 50% refund confirmation)

(Last deadline, AWOL, refund escalation, 2nd 50% refund confirmation)

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