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Advice Needed: Artist taking a while to send finished files?

Hello AB, I just need advice on a situation, I don't think this is beware worthy as I really love this artist and their work and don't really want to add another beware to their list.

I commissioned an artist 12 days ago in stream. Everything was fine, they were fun to work with and they finished up the commission, took a few more and did them then ended the stream. Now I've watched this artist for a long time and usually they upload the commissions they do right after they finish the stream. Well, they didn't do that. I waited two days before deciding to note them on FA to ask about my files. Two days later, I notice the note is still unread despite them being active on their Twitter and such. I wait a bit longer and a few days later I wake up and see they've replied asking for my email so they could send the watermarked and un-watermarked files to me. I replied right away with my email.

It's now been exactly a week since I noted them and it's still unread. I just checked their Twitter and they had wrote a Tweet not even an hour ago.

So I guess I'm asking, what should I do about this? The piece is finished and is absolutely lovely. I don't want a refund or anything and wouldn't expect one with the piece being done and to satisfactory. I just really want the files.

Edit: I really don't like making things public on Twitter but I ended up sending a Tweet. Fingers crossed.
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