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Lost Contact - CrystalUniicorn (Updated)

Who: CrystalUniicorn

Where: https://crystaluniicorn.deviantart.com/

What: 15$ Custom Horse Lineart/ Base Commission

Explanation: Back in August of 2016 I remembered, at the time, that I had told Holly (CrystalUniicorn) that I was going to commission her for a custom horse base / lineart because I adored her bases so much... So I sent her a note. ( https://gyazo.com/4c94e44a63c9f835432fff1ad6da13dd ) and our total correspondence lasted less than a few minutes. Over the next few weeks I noticed she'd been pretty active (as was normal for her.) She posted other commissions and such but then suddenly on September 17th she posted a journal stating the following https://gyazo.com/5bcb83830f51d151009f0cca6b3072e7

The last contact that she had on deviant art with ANYONE was a batch of horse adoptables on September 27th 2016.

Honestly this isn't about me wanting my 15$ back (though that might be nice) but she has some comments on her page asking where she is and one that says she'd been active on a cosplaying website but with no link? And her twitch hasn't been active at all. I understand life can get busy but this just seems a bit excessive and I'm also worried, we weren't close friends but she was always nice to chat with.

UPDATE 1: I meant to post this earlier but I'm so forgetful but CrystalUniicorn has made her way back onto deviantart and (thankfully) still has a public to-do list and her previous commissioners are still on it (including myself) but there hasn't been any activity since September 22nd when she posted a "Character Sale" journal, I will have to note her personally to see what can be done about the owed art. Will keep you guys posted.

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Aug. 15th, 2017 10:58 pm (UTC)

Because we can't be 110% certain the instagram belongs to the artist, I'm going to go ahead and screen this. Please don't delete your comment. The mods and the OP can still see it.
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