sugaryelixir (sugaryelixir) wrote in artists_beware,

Advice Needed: Time Between Contact

Hello everyone! I'm having a little trouble here. I commissioned an artist for a custom back in January. I waited 2+ months, and contacted them. They didn't have anything to show me at the time but got back in contact with me a few days later and I was really happy with the result!
I waited almost 3 months and contacted them again, no updates but again I got a wip afterwards. They had promised me they'd try to be done with the custom at the end of that week. However, I had to contact them again two weeks later; Again no updates until after I contacted them. But after this update the lineart was completed.I love the outcome and I'm really excited for this custom!
I consider myself patient when it comes to art, but I'm wondering:Should I contact them again since I've waited another two weeks? I feel like I'm being just a little impatient here since art does take time.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Tags: advice for commissioners

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