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So I pose some questions out of sheer curiousity.

1. Random Furry McFandom 01 comes up to you. You've never heard of them before, so you know nothing good or bad about them. They are a neutral entity spawned of their love for cartoon animals.

They ask you to draw your character with them. Any of your characters, with theirs. The situation of the subject matter is neutral. Them relaxing or something. (If you like, reply with your response to a sexual or violent situation as well.)

What would you do in this situation?

2. What do you think of some artist's policy that they require the owner of any characters in a picture that are not yours give permission to draw them?

Does it depend on the rating they ask you to do? What if the person says that it's a gift and they want to surprise their friend, and the rating is safe?

Discuss, please. :3
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