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Artist Beware : Soy-una-puta

WHO: Soy-una-puta

WHERE: http://soy-una-puta.deviantart.com

ORIGINAL POST: http://soy-una-puta.deviantart.com/art/YCH-couple-unlimited-slots-OPEN-639057637

WHAT: Digital Couple

WHEN: October 10, 2016 to Dec 7, 2016 to June 20, 2017 to Current

EXPLAIN: I commissioned this artist back in October for a YCH couple, to which things started out a little rough because English is their second language, which was fine. We were able to come to an understanding and an agreement of what I wanted done, and they sent me their PayPal email and I sent payment. ( Screenshot 1) (My username on Deviantart is Nigou.)

I hadn’t heard anything from them so in December I asked for an update to which they told me they were working on and were having a lot of life problems. Totally cool, it was only two months since they accepted my commission no big. (Screenshot 2)

Now we fast forward to June, which is the first time since December they’ve responded to me. They now are saying they lost all the files because their computer crashed and they won’t be able to finish my commission and they won’t be able to refund my money. I wasn’t allowed to request a refund because they had no money. (Screenshot 3)

Now at this point I am getting increasingly upset, because it had nine months since I commissioned them, and seven months since I last heard from them, so I demanded either the commission or my refund. (Screenshot 4) After that they sent me another message saying they don’t draw females, even though that was the same characters I sent a year ago. (Screenshot 5) If you refer back to the original post they draw both MxM and MxF.

Then they sent yet another message stating they would refund me in point, and I responded saying I didn’t want point, I wanted the cash that I had sent. (Screenshot 6) Then they told me they couldn’t send money on PayPal because I ‘blocked them’ and they no longer had PayPal and kept insisting on Point. (Screenshot 7 & 8)

And that brings me to the most recent exchange. I basically told them I would dispute the transaction on PayPal because it wasn’t fair they kept dodging my request of a refund. They basically told me I was irrational for not thinking about what they are going through in life and why they can’t refund me. (Screenshot 9)

And now I get the joy of dealing with their friends telling me I am a horrible customer everything else because I don’t want to accept points. (Screenshot 10) I don’t use points as a way to commission so it wouldn’t be a fair refund.

UPDATE :  So they messaged me again on a different account this time, basically giving me an excuse for why their friends came after me, also telling me why they no longer draw women, despite accepting my commission last year. (Screenshot 11) And their solution is a refund of points, not my cash. The journal they refer to is one I posted on dA, per the advice of a few people there.

UPDATE TWO : So I just recevied a refund some a different paypal email adress, so I suppose this has been resolved, but I am rather disapointed they lied to be about not having paypal. All of this could have been avoided. (Screenshot 12) In under no circumstance would I reconmend doing business with them, but I did receive my refund after a few grueling days of arguing with this person.

Anyway, this is long winded, and I am sorry but after all of this here I am posting my first AB because I am so frustrated. I apologize in advance if this is messy or not the proper way to post, but I don't want anyway to have to go through what I went through. I would also love advice in how I should continue to approach this artist.


1. http://imgur.com/tw9RvTv

2. http://imgur.com/yquWSwa

3. http://imgur.com/5SGyQJQ

4. http://imgur.com/U3vy5Zr

5. http://imgur.com/u8Pi6TU

6. http://imgur.com/gWwLhlM

7. http://imgur.com/a/ZOqo8

8. http://imgur.com/WY53ZaH

9. http://imgur.com/f5JXZ5j

10. http://imgur.com/LkzKIAN
11. http://imgur.com/iZPbYNV
12. http://imgur.com/a/sah6V

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