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Beware - Sindaj

WHO: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/sindaj/ , https://twitter.com/iSindaj

WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/sindaj/

WHAT: YCH Comic Page (Digital)


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UPDATE 7/21/2017: I woke up to an email from PayPal stating that Sindaj has escalated the dispute to a claim, despite my deadline. I have no idea if he thinks that escalating the dispute himself will remove him from any obligations, but I have plenty of evidence for PayPal if they need it and will be calling them, as I'm pretty irked about this altogether. http://sta.sh/0s6m2xf3den , http://sta.sh/04i7uhi3h48 , http://sta.sh/0j2m9k27pxk , http://sta.sh/022loddrly6t

UPDATE 7/21/2017 | B: After getting a hold of PayPal, the associate I spoke with informed me that Sindaj called and escalated to a claim in order to refund me (??? - these are PayPal's words on what Sindaj told them when escalating) and processed the refund. I have my refund, I've not heard anything from Sindaj, but I am still uncomfortable with how they have chosen to communicate with me and am not going to watch them or interact with them anymore and would advise against doing any business with them. http://sta.sh/02c3qwy7ljdx
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