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Beware - Sindaj

WHO: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/sindaj/ , https://twitter.com/iSindaj

WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/sindaj/

WHAT: YCH Comic Page (Digital)


Feb. 10th - Saw the YCH on the front page of FA and took interest, noted Sindaj asking if it was still available and claimed the slot. Paid. http://sta.sh/01pv3h47c79b / http://sta.sh/01d7v8zlhtjz / http://sta.sh/02cprx8gkvm7 / http://sta.sh/0197p3vfzvd1

A few months go by, Sindaj streams off and on and does sketches in stream / misc. Art, but does not touch the YCHs like promised.

May 8th - I send a note asking Sindaj for an ETA and am told that he will be working on them the following week. It does not happen. http://sta.sh/01zblhz57zv0

Sindaj has various life and health issues that prevent him from working on owed work, but he continues to upload personal (?) work to his gallery and other commissions.

July 3/4 - I send another note, feeling a bit uncomfortable with how long it has taken for a YCH to be completed, asking for a refund. Sindaj replies saying that it will take a while to refund me, as he needs to resell the slot. I consent to the reselling of the slot and give him a deadline of August. Sindaj does not reply, nor does he make a public effort to resell the slot. http://sta.sh/026e72yxzrfo / http://sta.sh/054d7nj1f1p

July 12th - I have opened a dispute Sindaj, giving a hard refund deadline of August 1st and expressing that if I do not hear back from him by then, I will be escalating my dispute to a claim. I do not want the YCH at this point, I want my money back. I do not feel comfortable working with Sindaj, and while I understand that life happens, I feel that he has been all too flippant about handling his relationship with his commissioners. I feel it is my right to cancel this commission, as no work has been done, and I feel I am allowed a full refund. http://sta.sh/01tzz6d7mm8c

July 16th - Sindaj posts a journal talking about paypal claims specifically, leading me to believe I am not the only person on his queue who is uncomfortable working with him any longer. Note: I still have not escalated my dispute against Sindaj, per my message to him in the Paypal message center, and I still have not received a response from him. http://sta.sh/0u6on8fmmky

July 18th - Sindaj emails my PayPal email directly instead of responding to the still-open dispute, using a guilt trip and claiming I did not attempt to speak with him prior to opening my dispute (which he repeatedly refers to as a claim). He infers I am being unreasonable, and states that he is not interested in reselling the slot. He promises a refund, but his message is unclear as to when I will be receiving it. I have yet to respond to his email because I honestly do not know how to respond to him yet, but after calling PayPal and informing them that I have gotten in contact with Sindaj outside of the dispute system, I have chosen to 1: keep the dispute open lest I lose PayPal's protection, and 2: post this to Artists-Beware as I’m honestly fed up with Sindaj and this situation entirely. http://sta.sh/0v89k6gxp8w http://sta.sh/0n8i34xxmva

EXPLAIN / PROOF: In February I logged in and saw a comic page YCH on the front page of FA with an autobuy of $50. I was interested in the style and thought Sindaj’s artwork seemed neat, so I noted him and purchased the slot. I noticed he had a few outstanding commissions, but he seemed to be going through them and streaming regularly at the time, so I didn’t really think much of it at the time.

Sindaj streamed off and on after I paid, saying he’d be posting updates when he’d be streaming, so I would check in every so often to see what he was working on, but he mostly worked on sketches in stream / personal art and didn’t touch the YCHs or other previously owed work*, so I usually didn’t stay long.

*To my knowledge - as I did not stay longer than an hour or two, it could have changed, but this was what I witnessed in my time in his streams.

Sindaj would often express that he was having personal trouble with his health and living situation that interfered with his work, but as I’m disabled and occasionally need to put a small pause on my own work, I didn’t think much of it until a few months had passed with nothing to show in terms of progress on the YCH I had paid for. I hadn’t seen work done on any of the other comic pages Sindaj had put up for sale, either, so I sent him a note in May asking for an ETA / status update.

He replied and said that he would be working on the comic pages the next week. I thanked him for the update and waited, but he did not work on the comic page YCHs at all.

As Sindaj’s living situation and health issues seemed to escalate, he put a pause on his commission work and streaming, but still would occasionally post some personal work and adoptables (?) to his FurAffinity, offering to stream them for potential buyers.

After a while, I realized I was coming up to the point where I would lose PayPal’s protection, so in July I sent Sindaj a note. I no longer wished to commission him, I felt that - despite the circumstances - the timeframe for a YCH had gone on long enough and at this point I just wanted my money back in full. Sindaj replied saying that he would have to resell the slot, and I consented, saying that he had until August to resell the slot and refund me. He never replied, nor had he made an effort to resell the slot or refund my money, but he’s posted a journal update saying he might be well enough to work on commissions and then he’ll stop doing them for a while (???).

He’s repeatedly posted journals and such saying he’ll be streaming owed work, but has not actually streamed.

As of July 12th I’ve issued a hard deadline - telling Sindaj to please refund my money in full, I do not want the YCH slot anymore, and that if he does not refund me by August 1st, I will escalate my dispute with PayPal to a claim. I really did not want it to come to this, as I do think Sindaj is a good artist, but I do not feel comfortable with how he handles his professional work.

Sindaj repeatedly hides behind being ill when confronted about not getting work done, but I am a disabled artist. I understand what it is to be chronically ill. Sometimes you cannot get work done immediately, yes, sometimes life gets in the way, yes, but regardless you owe it to your clients to be professional and have policies in place for when you cannot do the work you were paid to do. I personally have a time frame for myself wherein I refuse to string commissioners along - if I cannot do the work that I was paid to do, I do not get to keep that money. It sucks, it has only happened once while I’ve taken commissions, but it’s necessary to protect the interests of your commissioner and keep the trust of the community you’ve chosen to work with.

I think Sindaj is a lovely artist and I do genuinely hope his situation improves, but I cannot say I would feel comfortable going back to work with him again and that I just want this to be over.

UPDATE 7/21/2017: I woke up to an email from PayPal stating that Sindaj has escalated the dispute to a claim, despite my deadline. I have no idea if he thinks that escalating the dispute himself will remove him from any obligations, but I have plenty of evidence for PayPal if they need it and will be calling them, as I'm pretty irked about this altogether. http://sta.sh/0s6m2xf3den , http://sta.sh/04i7uhi3h48 , http://sta.sh/0j2m9k27pxk , http://sta.sh/022loddrly6t

UPDATE 7/21/2017 | B: After getting a hold of PayPal, the associate I spoke with informed me that Sindaj called and escalated to a claim in order to refund me (??? - these are PayPal's words on what Sindaj told them when escalating) and processed the refund. I have my refund, I've not heard anything from Sindaj, but I am still uncomfortable with how they have chosen to communicate with me and am not going to watch them or interact with them anymore and would advise against doing any business with them. http://sta.sh/02c3qwy7ljdx

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( 6 comments — Leave a comment )
Jul. 20th, 2017 10:37 am (UTC)
As another artist whom is also sick, it really annoys me to see people guilting their clients. The onus is on us to figure out what we can't and can handle, not the client. And sometimes that means we'll also have to give refunds.

Whatever you do don't let that dispute go.

edit: whoops, selected the mod icon by accident.

Edited at 2017-07-20 10:37 am (UTC)
Jul. 20th, 2017 01:32 pm (UTC)
I feel that they are very much putting the pressure on me to drop the dispute and as much as I wish I could trust them at this point to follow through and do as they have promised, I cannot. I know that if I cancel the dispute and say everything is fine, I'll lose the opportunity to reopen it and PayPal will not cover me. I might be able to get help through my bank, but honestly I feel like I get more protection by going through PayPal's dispute process and showing that I've made an effort to speak to them.

I dunno, I'm not a stranger to waiting on a commission and normally I'm happy to, but when things like this become routine and owed work starts to pile up while the person who owes the work begins to show signs of wanting to flee (saying stuff like "I'll never take commissions again" because people are unhappy with waiting or with being tossed around with no status update beyond "I'm still sick I'll get to it later"), I feel mad uncomfortable? I totally get feeling overwhelmed if you bite off more than you can handle! Sometimes we take on too much, accidents happen. But the guilt trip I received and then the insinuation wanting to be secure in getting a refund was unreasonable, idk.

I've worked with a lot of different artists, I've had to wait for a while for things before and it's never left me feeling like this. I feel bad for opening the dispute to begin with, but I felt like I had no choice - Sindaj really wasn't giving me much to trust him with.
Aug. 10th, 2017 07:15 pm (UTC)
This is definitely a bit of a late post. I come through A_B every month or two to see what I've missed. I found it odd that the artist charged you "tax" because I sincerely doubt they're paying sales tax on their commissions. That sort of a thing is always a red flag for me.

I hate it when people ask you not to file a claim or to close your claim, because even if I believed them, once I close that claim, I lose any chance of PayPal helping me get my money back and then am at the artist's mercy about whether or not I'll ever see my money. Besides, artists should set that money aside and not use it until the work is completed just so this sort of issue doesn't come up. It's not your responsibility to give them a loan until they can find another customer or something.
Aug. 10th, 2017 07:28 pm (UTC)
At the time I brushed off the "tax" charge, as I've seen some artists factor fees and such into their final cost (tho usually they just put the final cost as X instead of Y with a separate charge? I dunno, it was a bit odd), though looking back, I see what you mean. PayPal's policies put it on the seller / artist to pay any fees, so it's just ... Yeah. Strange to say "This is $50 but you need to pay tax on it" without indicating in the description or anything. :/

Honestly I'm glad I didn't close my claim in the end. I got my refund, and it worked out. I know not to work with this person again, and at least I've put this out there for others to see in case others are considering doing business with him. I dunno, I just felt so uncomfortable being asked to wait and give up my protection, and I didn't really like the insinuation that filing a dispute was an unreasonable response to possibly never seeing the promised art or refund. 8( Probably the first time I've had a genuinely bad experience commissioning an artist.

I don't ever spend my commission money until I've completed the work promised and everything is sorted. I can't quite fathom using commission money like a one-stop stop process: just taking it, spending it, and not doing the owed work is really not right tbh.
Aug. 10th, 2017 07:18 pm (UTC)
Hey! Glad to see you got a refund on this. We'll be updating this to put a resolved tag.
Aug. 10th, 2017 07:29 pm (UTC)
Perfect, thank you!
( 6 comments — Leave a comment )


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