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Beware: wolframkyo of FA

Its with an EXTREMELY heavy heart that I am writing this; but its been ongoing for SO long I think it is time. I want to preface this beware with the fact that Wolframkyo is EXTREMELY passionate and very kind in all their responses and usually get back to me rather quickly. This is a beware on professionalism, and a lack of time management.. as one year later I'm still awaiting my piece of art from them.

Unfortunately I did not screengrab the journal where Wolframkyo was offering discounted commissions for an emergency fund; this was done end of June of 2016. Not sure what the circumstances were but I do recall that the journal was offering up their stunning artwork for a very affordable price, and was to be done in stream! So I jumped on that journal asking for a commission and was greeted promptly with an accept! payment was made (15USD) via Paypal

Unfortunately my piece didnt come up in any of the streams in this time frame which is fine, things happen, so from there I just waited for a little while, and saw a journal update in regards to u updates for the commission list! I noticed that my commission was NOT on this list and was a little concerned so I messaged Wolf and brought it up. They eased my mind and told me that it was an accident and I was added, and bumped up! http://imgur.com/K03OOc8 This was done via an Furaffinity Journal which I did not grab a screenshot of at that time, as I had no reason for concern.

Ok great! Im a pretty patient person, so I just let Wolfram work on art and kept checking back in here and there. Fast forward to October now; I just asked for some updates as waiting from June to October for a in stream commission is a little long, but again I'm pretty patient.
Im not really sure how I was supposed to be reading into their response? Im not sure if my commission was included in the ones they were talking about, or if my piece was to be done after this current batch? Whichever, I didnt mind the update and waiting a little bit longer.

Im going to be really honest on this next part; I was VERY sick, in and out of the hospital and honestly had no time/forgot about this commission for quite some time. One day I received an unexpected note from Wolf saying that they were sorry for the wait, and they had lost my character sheet but I was to be up in the next batch of commissions! http://imgur.com/ER9cmof This took me by great surprise as I had all but forgotten about this piece. I promptly responded with a copy of my reference and was again relayed I would have updates the following weekend. (Please note the time stamp is now February of 2016) http://imgur.com/4Dzz5gr

I really hate bugging artists, but Im at the point where I just either want my art done, or my refund. Im nervous about asking for a refund as they post journals regularly about financial issues, trying to work on art, trying to refund people.. but I attempted once more to contact them to get ANY form of an update. http://imgur.com/bmC3T7b

But were here on July 18th 2017 with no updates, no progress, just promises of "youre up next" "ill have it soon" "next weekend hopefully".

Wolfram is EXTREMELY kind hearted and I can tell theyre trying their best..

But its really frustrating to be led on by an artist and strung along for this long now. Something that I just now noticed was that on their Trello (application used to show progress/keep up to date on commissions) I wasnt even added to the queue until February of 2016. Im not sure if this was because of the switch from the FA journal to Trello or what, but I did find this very odd. http://imgur.com/8rqtvt7

EDIT: WOLFRAM has completed my work! (just over a year of a wait) and as I've said before, theyre SO kind and willing to work with you. My beware Isnt on their art, scamming, or anything of that really negative type. its just a time management/overloading themselves beware.

I would commission again absolutely IF/WHEN wolfram gets their queue under control and the turn around time is not like 8 months to a year for a single piece.

you can see their hard work/dedication and how quick they respond and how truly polite they are.

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