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Lost Contact: Caltroplay and Lika(aka Razzyglider)

1) [updated] Caltroplay

Commissioned them in July 2016 on weasyl. They disappeared from weasyl. I emailed them to reconnect October 2016, no response. I found their FA, saw they posted things all the way up until December 2016, then disappeared from there as well. I emailed again March 2017, as well as noted on both FA and weasyl. No response to anything. Emailed/noted once more in June, and again a few days ago, still nothing. I found their twitter and saw they posted in January, then disappeared until May saying they have been having life issues... which is fine, but I'd really like to reestablish communications with them, even if it's just for them to tell me they have to cancel/delay indefinitely. Lack of communication is the worst T_T

7/12/17 A friend of Caltroplay emailed me from her email address to explain the situation - resolved

2) Lika

Since June 2016, commissioned on weasyl, but they stopped using it I guess. I asked if anyone knew how to find them elsewhere, and I was given their FA: Razzyglider. I have noted them there, but have not received a response. I saw they had a journal up saying they hit a rough patch, but I just want to reconnect. Same as above.
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