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Odd Situation Advice?

I'd like some advice... End of November I ordered a commission with a due date of Xmas (last year), it was never completed, and multiple dates were set. I asked the artist for an update in June, and to provide a wip or a refund, they refused both and rushed my commission, admitting to doing so as well. They refused to do all the fixes, and eventually got a mutual friend involved who gave them money to give me a refund, which was confusing and not OK with me at all. (The mutual tried to refund me directly themselves and I said no)
But I got a partial and the rushed 'wip' theyre now saying it is. (saying the image was never completed and thats why it was 'rushed' when they told me it was finished and they rushed it on purpose)

I was going to post them to AB, but I got the image and the partial so I agreed not to. But they insisted I unfollow their twitter accounts, which I was going to do, but they keep venting and ranting about me there, and I capped stuff for an AB post on their attitude alone. They mention me by name on Twitter, and I got some caps of the callouts before I was blocked.

They are now doing it on FA, for the sole purpose that I can see it. And getting the mutual friend involved, to message me on their behalf.

I like their art, and even though their attitude and actions are something lacking, I still wish to see the art, and screencap the posts theyre making for proof for an AB post.

The journals Im screencapping are not callouts with my name directly, but worded to me, and dragging me through the dirt, so to speak. Theyve called me out by name on Twitter, and I know they are calling me out via IM/notes as people have come to me about the situation.

Should I continue to watch their FA and compile evidence? (Is there a point to this as I got a partial refund, but their attitude was atrocious) or should I unwatch and let them fizzle out on the callout posting?

EDIT I seem to have misworded. They do not want me watching their FA and thats what the journals are about. I like their art and wanted to continue to view it (I havent faved or commented on anything), and continue to cap the journals about me for evidence.

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Jul. 10th, 2017 11:18 pm (UTC)
I did not mix business with friendship. I kept friendship out of it except letting the situation go on further than paypals refund window, due to their IRL issues (moving, depression, vacation). Friendship has nothing to do with this transaction. Buying from a friend doesnt negate the fact that I was not given the service I paid for.

If I went to so McDonalds and ordered a meal, and they were out of it, and asked for a refund and they refused, and some random person offered it to me in line, I'd still say no. It's a morals thing.

Also no, I will not be posting any callout journals or 'explanation' journals in response. Not only is it against FA's rules but its tasteless, and would just cause drama.

There is no 'drama' here, and I dont see where you're getting it from? I doubt you'd post this same comment if I hadnt stated we used to be friends.
I bought a commission, artist missed several deadlines, flip out when I asked for a wip or refund after 7+ months, rushed the image, and is now badmouthing me. Where's the drama?

EDIT (sorry mods)
A friend has help me compile a completely anon journal to post on FA, as I am stressed with the people contacting me when I just want this matter over, despite not agreeing personally that I should post anything public.

Edited at 2017-07-10 11:34 pm (UTC)
Jul. 11th, 2017 10:28 pm (UTC)
Don't take it personal. My point is that you are done and over the bussiness with the artist, and now it's just a case of harrassment.

If you wanna AB them for harrassment after being their client, probably you can do so, but it's something you need to handle as harrassment in all the involved platforms instead of bussiness problem by now. That's my advice.
Jul. 11th, 2017 11:13 pm (UTC)
I'd prefer though if we could learn more about clients or artists that engage in harassment.

I had a client who was stalking me and talking about how I hated him the adoptable I sold that he now has listed. I was told that was more a personal issue to deal with (even though this guy was like trying to invade my personal life and contact everyone I knew), surely other artists would have also wanted to avoid that?

I feel the same is the case here. I don't want to associate or do business with someone who can't behave professionally. We've had bewares entirely based on conduct in the past.


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