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Here's their email to me reguarding adult materials: [click]

Here's the Twitter conversation about chargebacks and reversals.

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Jul. 10th, 2017 12:14 am (UTC)
I think more people need to be aware that seller protection does not cover digital/intangible goods. I know a lot of people are still spreading the information that invoices will protect you from chargebacks -- they do not.

I do wonder if there are really many options if the item being delivered is adult in nature. This is why I don't really have a plan to defend myself against any chargebacks. Rather, I do the following:

* Try to draw from a number of small transactions from a wide variety of customers, so that any particular chargeback would be $50 or less.

* If one particular client is buying a lot from me (in my case it's over $100 of transactions in a short amount of time) then I ask for references. I ask the client if they've worked with another artist, and then ask a few artists how that client was. Other artists have been quite happy to provide reference to me. In a way it's kind of like going through a resume on a client. I also feel like clients that are ready to provide references of other artists they worked with are quite trustworthy and reliable.

* I don't think it hurts to check if the other person is using a verified paypal. I feel like verified paypal accounts are less likely to be treated as throw-away accounts for scamming. But that doesn't mean you need to rule out doing business with an unverified account.

For super huge transactions I do think it might be good to cut paypal out of the middle. If you have something that's going to be hundreds or thousands of dollars to complete, I feel there should probably be a written check and a solid contract in place for that. But, I don't know if this is very practical for people such as fursuit sellers to deal in something else other than paypal.

I just feel in the end it's good to build a contingency plan around different scenarios, based on how much you'd lose out of a potential chargeback. In my case maybe it'd be like $20~$50, but for someone else it'll likely be a lot more.


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