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Beware - strxbe (Resolved)

WHO: strxbe, strxbe_art

WHERE: DeviantArt:

WHAT: Three digital headshots worth $15

WHEN: Nov. 25 and ongoing.

EXPLAIN: On Nov. 25 2016, Strxbe opened a Black Friday sale offering 50% off headshot commissions. After communicating with them through notes over the next three days I had commissioned three headshots form them resulting in a bill of $15.00 which I payed for on Nov. 27.

On March 4, 2017 I sent my first note asking for a commission update. which had been ignored.

On March 14, 2017 I sent a second note asking for an update and possible refund.

On May 22, 2017 I got my first and only response from strxbe in seven months of waiting offering me a refund as well as them making a journal about them giving refunds to all their commissioners. That same day I sent them my paypal info as well as telling them how much they owed.

On May 31, 2017 Another note sent asking for a refund as well as sending them a paypal money request.

On June 15, 2017 I sent them a third note being more direct over receiving a refund.

In this note I have also addressed to them that just days prior to sending this note they have been active on Instagram while my notes have been unread proving that my notes are being ignored. (On DA a yellow note icon means that it has gone unread)

What I forgot to mention in this note to them is that they have also active on DA on May 23, 2017 as they can be seen respond to comments on the journal that addresses the public about them giving refunds while again the note I sent on May 22 was still ignored.

Lastly in this note I gave them a warning that they would two weekends to send me a refund or else I would go to Artist Beware to write about them. Given how they are indeed active online this should have been enough time to at least generate a response from them as of now even this note has been ignored.

UPDATE 8/1/2017: They have just now contacted me giving me on 7/31/2017. Claiming that their reason for not responding was because of a lack in funds. They have promised that every two weeks they’ll keep me updated until this issue is resolved.

UPDATE 8/14/2017: On 8/11/2017 I have received my refund. Since they did not send it through as a gift as I did, Paypal did take $0.74 cut. However they did originally sent the $15.00 and I do not believe seventy four cents is worth having an issue over but it is something to take note of.

PROOF: All screen caps in one location
Tags: artist-strxbe, beware
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