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Artist Beware - Shacklefunk

WHERE: http://shacklefunk.tumblr.com/

WHAT: Digital reference sheet of my character for 100USD

WHEN: Sent out the comission request through their comission form back at the beginning of march (I don't have the exact date for this) and got a confirmation email on the 5th or march saying they accepted my comission.
After a bit of trouble due to google wallet and different currencies (I'm in the UK so I couldn't send any USD, my partner in the US had to send it but I discussed all that with shacklefunk through email) I paid for the comission around the 7/8th of march.
I checked back in if they got the payment on the 16th and they confirmed it the next day.
I've managed to contact them a few times since then to ask about the status and on the 10th of May they informed me that they sent me a refund since it has been taking so long and they'd send me my finished comission soon. That was also the last time I've heard from them.

EXPLAIN: I managed to grab a slot for a reference sheet when they opened up for just three slots of comissions back at the beginning of march.

Everything went well and we communicated through email, I had some trouble using google wallet since I've never used it before and didn't know I couldn't change the currency. I informed them about this and we worked out a solution. My partner in the US sent the money for it and I made sure to have it sent out as quickly as possible. After I sent out the money I checked back in with them if they had received it. In their reply they said they'd send me the finished picture that day or the next.

After not having heard back from the again for about a week I sent them another email asking about the comission status.

I still didn't hear back from them and was starting to become quite anxious since it was a large amount of money and I've had some really bad experiences with some comissions before so I sent them another two emails to check on the status of my comission. I tried not to send them too soon after each other since I didn't want to annoy them.

After not hearing back from them again I tried reaching out to them through the tumblr messaging system instead since they were actively posting there.

I also made a post and tagged them in it to ask them to reply to any of my messages.

That finally got them to reply to me, saying they'd send me the finished pic later that day.

I thanked them for it but then didn't hear anything from them for another few days so I decided to send them another message.

Over a week later I got a reply saying they've sent me a refund since it had been taking so long and that they'd send me the finished picture soon (?). I didn't see this message until a few days later but then thanked them for the refund. That was the last time I've heard from them.
(My partner did receive the refund and sent it to me later on)

After that I've tried to contact them numerous times through email, tumblr asks, the direct messaging system and posts (with quite some time between them) but never got any reply. I haven't seen anything of my comission at any point and even though they've said back in march that the pic was done (and they just have to send it to me) the only answer I have now is that they've never actually done the comission. I don't know what to do about this anymore since they don't reply to any of my messages at all.
Tags: artist-shacklefunk, beware


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