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Beware: swizzlestix

WHO: swizzlestix

WHERE: in FA, his account is

WHAT: digital art

WHEN: 20 March 2014

EXPLAIN: He receive the money and he don't want to do it and ignore my messages.

PROOF: I paid to Swizzlestix $80 for a pic on 28 May 2013.
I waited until 20 March 2014, then i cancelled it because he didnt continue to do it, and i tell him to return my money.
He gave me the runaround until 1 August 2014, i decided to give him one opportunity to do it.
I waited until 15 December 2014, that day i decided to cancel it at all.
Up to today Im waiting my money and he dont replay my messages.
Only I see is he stole me $80.

Here you see we chating about the commission:

I dont have skype conversation.

Here is the proof of the payment:

Here I post screenshots of the messages with him:
Here I tried to contact him by FA:

But he never send my money.

Following 2 screenshots I tried to contact him by email, without replay:

And more tryings by skype (i only have 1 screenshot):

(Wednesday, 06 january 2016)
And much more messages on twitter and FA and IB and weasyl without reply.

He returned my money 30th June 2017.
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